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Seeking the Truths within Materialist Messages from God the Father Opportunities for answers of Love

Seeking the Truths within Materialist Messages from God the Father Opportunities for answers of Love
So much Love, my children, is what I send on earth at all times. At all times I send you the possibility to respond with Love to the different events that happen to you. This is my effort, teaching you with my Love to also always be Love.
Is it difficult to always act with Love? The answer of Love is always there, there are no situations where the word Love, the attitude of Love, the sweet expression of Love can not be expressed.
For this reason I inundate your world with opportunities for answers of Love, to give you the possibility to answer with Love to every sad situation, to every complex situation, to every conflicting situation, to every important situation where you have difficulties giving your heart.
Listening to me is a choice that you make and choosing means translating into words and fact this attitude of Love that I suggest to you, but even if it’s a choice, do know that in your heart you have the attitude of Love ready to face every situation.
Often you are concentrating on the attempt to force yourselves to avoid, to circumvent, even defend yourselves and defend your self-esteem, and sometimes even defend your own identity and the thoughts that you matured of yourselves.
These conditions, my loved sons and my loved daughters, put distance between our hearts, anchored, barricaded inside your own minds, while inside your hearts there is always advice.
Unfortunately many of you react before listening to your own hearts and many situations that could find solutions become tangled up even more.
My loved children, it’s been a long time since your brother Jesus told you one very important thing, that violence only generates more violence, in every aspect violence always generates violence and by violent answer we mean the answer that places the other person below you to free yourselves as soon as possible of this person. This is violence to us, the attempt to cancel the other person from your life.
Verbal aggression is animated by this, ostracizing even in its smallest manifestation has this in its core, every form of aggression or annulment has this in its core.
My loved ones, you exist in this dimension, earth, to be able to grow with awareness in your being Love; every sweet child of mine lives on earth to grow up in the awareness of his being Love; this is beautiful if you think about it, the opportunity for your every brother to grow with awareness into being a great Love. However it’s very difficult, material circumstances do not allow you to notice yourselves, to experiment yourselves as a Spirit, it no longer allows your eyes to see the heart in its expression of Love, it no longer allows to perceive the immortal spiritual creatures that are always next to you, it no longer allows your contact between one Spirit and another, and growing in your own awareness of being a sweet Spirit requires Faith, research, experimentation, experiences, sharing, manifestations from brothers, and manifestations inside you.
This, my dear ones, is the situation that welcomes you, on the surface it appears that there is nothing, inside the hearts is everything.
And even you who are listening to me right now, you made of our project your opportunity for learning, for knowledge, for experience of growth; despite the appearance that I only speak to Sara it’s inside your heart that you realize that it’s you I am talking to, it’s to you that I am transmitting, it’s to you that I send all my Love as a Father and it’s with your Love that you listen to me.
Loved ones, you understood the great truth, the apparent absence within the materialism, but you understood that it’s really inside the hearts, in your Soul, that this contact lies, that your presence is more than real, it is the truth.
Your journey brought you to this truth and my sweet children who believe that materialism can bring to the truth, still live in unawareness, because how could materialism, that hides everything, bring to the Truth?
I keep witnessing the needs of my children who request manifestations within materialism and even if sometimes I indulge you, with the heart I push you to seek the truth inside your heart.
Understanding that for many of your brothers seeking the truths within materialist can be an unproductive journey can lead you from now on to always seek inside your hearts for the answers of Love that I suggest to you, to always be better able to guide all of your brothers toward the Truth, toward their own hearts and to find themselves the presence they have been seeking for a long time.
In every situation, before reacting, listen to my comment and my advice and then act with Love and help other people elevate themselves to the Truth.
Then I will repeat myself once again, compassion, feel compassion and Love for these creatures of mine who still do not understand, you found me and now your joy is morphing into truth and for you this progress has been important to be able to think of yourselves as a knowing spiritual creature, on the appearance in a body of flesh.
Your brothers think that they exist in a body of flesh and then on the appearance there is nothing, nothing other than the feeling of Love that they feel.
I will leave you to reflect in the great joy of today’s meeting between our hearts, a meeting in the truth of our hearts.
Your Father
Message transmitted 18th October 2006
Title Seeking the Truths within Materialist Messages from God the Father Opportunities for answers of Love
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