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Roles the Role for the Male the Role for the Female Exterior Interior Education and Love Messages

Roles the Role for the Male the Role for the Female Exterior Interior Education and Love Messages
Sweet loved sons, I always have in my heart an emotion of Peace when I meet with you, my loved daughters, I have a lot of emotion in my heart and my eyes watch your hearts that are very numerous in listening to me right now.
Peace, of course, my sons, emotion, of course, my daughters.
You were taught that the male is toward the exterior and the female is toward the interior, but this message today wants to be an important stimulus for the male to embrace their female emotion factor, and for the many females to embrace their exterior as an n extension of themselves beyond the family world.
But how to embrace? For the male, we mean to listen very attentively to the emotions that stir inside them, embracing the emotions of the other person as if they were their own, looking after that brother as if he was inside your own family, sustaining with affection as if that brother was your own creature and sweetly welcoming the numerous problems coming from the other person.
For the female, embracing the exterior is taking care of humanity, of all less fortunate other brothers, in the many conflicts of the current world, seeking to do something with the help of who, in the various institutions, in the governments, in the power, could do but is not doing; welcoming a conflict, busying yourselves tactfully to bring to the world your very important contribution to the exterior, seeing roads as opportunities to change the world for your children and for all children of all other fathers and mothers of the world.
My loved children this is the invitation that I invite you to take into consideration today.
A truly great heart does not have these limitations inside and outside, a heart where there is great Love, as a heart it expresses itself both from the inside and from the outside as expression of one unique Love.
I know you are used to thinking, or rather you have been educated to think that taking on roles, external for male and internal for female, they are roles that can guarantee you the absence of conflicts, do you now think that a partitioned heart, locked into these roles, could express completely the Love that gives it life?
I can already hear you answering no, and so, first of all, why do you partition your Love? And why, and there are many of you, do you all feel that this limitation does not represent you, and despite this you continue to manage your roles as if they were unchangeable?
Over time we confirmed to you with our own example that roles are partitions, and how can Love express itself or not express itself in this or that situation?
For us a role is help in every situation and even for us it’s a role to love you, in every condition, rescuing you is another role, protecting you is another role, understanding you is another role, giving you opportunities to experiment yourselves is another role, guiding you together in your journey toward your realization is the final purpose that we, all embraced together, propose to you.
A conflict needs everybody to be understood and overcome and our example shows you how interdependent we are with our Love in this Sky.
I would like for you to experiment in your hearts the same importance that we give to each one of you; the same effort applied to send all of our Love to each one of you, I would like you to experiment that in your hearts; the same determination with which we intervene in every internal and external conflict, we would like you to experiment that inside your hearts; the same personal need to help you as my child, I would like for you to experiment that inside your hearts; the same goodness that we express when we listen to you, console you, encourage you, sustain you, I would like for each one of you to experiment that in your hearts; the same understanding, the same welcome that is expressed in the eyes when you return to our Home, I would like to see that expressed by your eyes toward each one of your brothers; happiness for every meeting with each one of you, I would like for you to feel that also in your hearts at all times.
Why be spectators of life when you heart can allow you to experiment in every direction?
Follow what you feel inside you, experiment where your heart gives signs, every situation is important to experiment the great importance of Love when resolving conflicts in creating optimal situations, that world that you miss can be built by starting from your own Love and from the limitless Love of your brothers.
And I am already thinking of how I can help you in our next meeting, I will call the Love of everybody to give me suggestions. Of course as a Father I already have many ideas but being an example is my role as a Father.
With this joyous conclusion I shall embrace you my loved ones, from the heart I have a strong emotion of great Love for all my children, I embrace you very happily with much Love and I sing a song of Love because I am very happy to be next to you and by singing this song, may my voice reach your hearts to bring serenity and hope in the important Love that is inside you.
Your father
Message transmitted 29th October 2006
Title Roles the Role for the Male the Role for the Female Exterior Interior Education and Love Messages
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