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Paradise Life in Paradise Freedom of expression Example of Love Words from Virgin Mary and from God

Paradise Life in Paradise Freedom of expression Example of Love Words from Virgin Mary and from God
My loved sons, my loved daughters, soon your Father will speak with you again, however now it’s me, the Virgin Mother Mary, introducing today’s message because as a daughter I want to tell you about the experience of what it means for a child to find himself in this Paradise.
As a child the Father has meaning as an example, an example of Love always and everywhere; as a child the Father has meaning as he who listens and answers your every question; as a child the Father has meaning when your effort produces Love and even when your effort is not sufficient to help one of your brothers, and He always appreciates the effort not the result; as a child the Father has meaning when you notice that many people live in desperation and that you can not intervene very much and this painful condition always finds a welcome in his heart, he understands and fills you with hope and one fine day all this is destined to end and with Love in his heart He tells you “Look around you, so much happiness, why does every heart feel happiness?”
Because now they are free to express their great Love, on earth countless hearts of your brothers can not express themselves, due to fear, due to conditions, due to diversity, barricaded inside themselves they feel small, powerless, alone, while here with us being able to express freely their Love makes them feel brothers, brothers among brothers, very close and even stronger as they recognize themselves in their same needs, this is an example of how the father, while seeing the same reality as the one you see with your own eyes, looks at the reality of his children on earth as in the Sky, looking at the freedom to express themselves in the heart of his every child; as a child the Father for us is an example of how Love can help conquer your own freedom, sweet advice, suggestions, new and different methods to help one child or another, our many discussions always end up on how to help a son or a daughter and this is Love.
Example of constant Love is our Father and when you turn to Him, in your eyes, in your heart shines a hope for his endless help, the solution is almost always different from what you propose, despite the effort spent by us to help, He has always some advice to give you because as a father he knows his every creature even in their own breathing, even in the tiniest folds of their beings and then as a father he knows you too and with His Love the meeting between two hearts allows and generates his every word of advice.
As a Father now he comes to give you advice on your own freedom
A sweet goodbye my loved children
The Virgin Mother Mary
Sweetness, I feel sweetness, for my precious child Maria, sometimes as a Father I would like that my sweet Maria would express herself and speak of how much help, how much Love she sends you all the time, she is wonderful, and she as wonderful as a daughter as she is shining with humility; it’s natural to Love, she would say, this is your Virgin Mary, humility and greatness in freedom, the realization of her Love brings her to live naturally her being Love within freedom, without illusions, you notice, of any difference between you, because her freedom brings her to express herself in the same way as every brother.
Freedom of expression of all the Love inside the heart, a Love identical in its qualities, this is what you have in your heart for those of you who can feel it, freedom of your being Love, for many it’s conquered, for many it’s experimented in the sweet wait, long wait, between one incarnation and the next one, for those of you who are busy in your current incarnation, it’s a daily conquest, your freedom is conquered every day that you choose even under any circumstance to give voice to your Love. Freedom, this is what you gain when speaking to other brothers, a request for help, for presence, for sharing, for Love.
Freedom, conquering freedom is what you do when you manage to express yourselves against all odds to bring hope, justice and Love even when selfishness seems to be forced.
Freedom, conquering freedom, even when you call upon every other brother to be at your side to build akk together Peace and Justice.
You are strong, Love is your strength, turn all of yourselves to Love and your brothers will join you to change this world which knows so much injustice and a lot of suffering.
In your freedom of expression of your being Love, do conquer freedom, conquer change, freedom from suffering, freedom from injustice, freedom from war, freedom from exploitation, bring freedom and justice to the world starting from the freedom of expression of your being Love.
Be careful, reflect, this condition of freedom is a daily experience, if every day you choose every opportunity as a stimulus to allow yourselves even more freedom of expression, in the end your brothers will be encouraged by your example to donate themselves, freedom to themselves to be Love. And the change will be so swift as to surprise all of you.
So many times I told you that by embracing the many values in which Love is expressed, the progress would be quick, unhappiness on earth is an illusion, all united it’s possible to change, united in the expression of your Love
With a kiss I welcome you when you return to my Home, I am very happy with each one of your returns here next to me, but your freedom in the expression of yourselves is the freedom that you express to me from your eyes in our sweet embrace.
And one more word of advice, bringing Love to all your brothers means happiness for our entire Sky.
Your Father
Message transmitted 1 November 2006
Title Paradise Life in Paradise Freedom of expression Example of Love Words from Virgin Mary and from God
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