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Conquering Freedom from Possibility to Realization Giving Yourselves To Get Involved

Conquering Freedom from Possibility to Realization Giving Yourselves To Get Involved
My dear and loved children, why conquer freedom if you have always been carrying your great, immense Love inside you,?
Conquering is a passage from possibility to realization, this is what conquering means to me: conquering freedom of expressing yourselves under every circumstance highlighting the many emotions that are felt inside the heart, but which, in non-freedom, are blocked by your individual personality.
This is why conquering freedom means allowing your personality to express itself outside what stirs on the inside; conquered freedom means expressing your pleasure in listening to one of your brothers; conquered freedom means interceding for one of your brothers to help him and give him support and the means or the possibility to solve a certain problem; conquered freedom means taking a brother to explain that certain behaviors create confusion to other brothers; conquered freedom means to all together turn a necessity of your brother into your own necessity; conquered freedom means making clear to your brothers what really happens in your world, to mobilize hearts toward the right intervention to spread Peace; freedom is the intervention of every single brother in the contact with everybody within Love.
Being free is an effort, but this freedom is so important for your sweet hearts and for those of all your brothers who populate our earth right now, that your freedom soon will transform into freedom of your brothers.
Let’s begin our discussion specifically about these wonderful reflections of your giving yourselves freedom of expression of your being Love, to give you a concrete verification of what the freedom that you will give yourselves in greater and greater amounts can actually create inside you and outside you.
And let’s continue our discussion by reflecting on the freedom that you give yourselves in this specific moment.
Read our words, if you are in contact with your heart, you can feel very clearly your desire to participate actively to the creation of this condition on earth.
Next to this proposal you feel your personality react. Listen.
I will leave you for a few minutes to listen to your personality.
Did you notice how many problems your personality brought up?
Almost all of you feel alone, but in the heart the answer is already there, do you think that all of us could really ever leave you alone if the project that you feel in your heart is the same as the one we feel inside our hearts? Not only it’s impossible for you to be left alone, but next to you in every situation will be our side to succeed, you and me, in the complete realization of the project of our united hearts. The realization is assigned not only to your heart, it’s in the unity that it can be expressed and this unity is what you and us will build together.
Right now while you read with your eyes and you listen to your heart and your personality, there is another brother or another sister who is reading and listening to his heart and his personality. Do you think that that brother or that sister would not want to be working next to you? Why? They are my same words, those that you are listening, the same that brought you to sense your feeling and your desire. Why wouldn’t other brothers want to be involved themselves? Of course, you do not hear the words that he is saying in his heart, but listen to what is inside you, and surely, without distinction, it’s what every brother who is listening to me now is feeling inside.
Do you find it difficult to get involved? Why? This project needs everybody, you, me, every one of my children on earth and in the Sky and all of us who already conquered our realization, realization that we desire from our heart will be the realization for everyone.
Involving you is important just like involving the most important person on earth in this moment, because you are important irrespectively of whether your condition is one of power or not, because it’s the hearts that are important, not the power. The single realization is important because change can not be completed without the realization of each one of my children.
Inside the heart the realization is the push, and your personality can finally give voice to this push, or not. You notice that nobody can take this important decision other than you, now, in this moment you noticed that the choice is only yours, and the choices are always and only yours, provided that you accept to take responsibility for your life.
A long time ago my son reminded you that also not choosing is a choice you make, and there is always responsibility even in the passive approach, today let’s remind you of his consideration to be able to choose the activity of choice, of responsibility of choice, of freedom of each individual choice.
Right now accepting your own choice to give freedom to all of you makes Him think back on how much pain his choice cost him, but he is happy in his heart because no other brother will feel inside his heart as much humiliation in the name of spreading his freedom.
If in the world freedom was conquered through his sacrifice, it did bring freedom to all brothers and may his example be always in front of you during difficult moments and may his example be always in front of your eyes for the contribution of freedom that he brought with his heart.
Happiness and dismay, but his eyes now light up when He looks at your hearts being illuminated by the affection that you feel for Him and while His eyes sweetly express affection like a wave from his heart that splashes on you, take some freedom to listen to him inside you as he talks to you and encourages you to place your personality beyond doubt, beyond fears, to place your personality at the service of the Love of your heart.
We are all next to you to help you slowly and steadily fill your existence with freedom, slowly and steadily but more deeply each day.
And if from the heart I would never stop talking to you, I will leave you to reflect a little more.
Next to you are all of us, all of us for you.
Your father with Love, always, always, always, until his very last child will have conquered freedom.
Message transmitted 5th November 2006
Title Conquering Freedom from Possibility to Realization Giving Yourselves To Get Involved
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