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Freedom Reflection about Freedom Denial or Authorization for Hearts Messages from God the Father

Freedom Reflection about Freedom Denial or Authorization for Hearts Messages from God the Father
My loved children and my sweet and loved daughters, let’s now continue with our reflection on your freedom.
Do you remember the discussion from the last message? In the contact with your personality you understood that the decision to release the Love you have in your hearts to express is necessary for your freedom.
Now I will explain.
Through the messages you understood that this opportunity of your life on earth was donated to you to let you experiment your acquisition of all that you have learnt, experimented, together with us in the Sky.
Maybe up here it seems easier for you to express yourselves because the contact with Love brings you to express yourselves within your Love, but you do make progress, and your acquisitions, they remain with you even through your contact on earth. You forget this place, your forget your project, you forget all of the various situations that you chose for your existence on earth, but you only forget in theory, inside your hearts this knowledge remains and the search can remove even that veil, however don’t ever forget the Love you already experimented, already learnt, which is already part of your knowledge.
In many situations, within freedom, you expressed the sweet Love that you conquered, but you believe that these occasions do not reflect completely your possibility to express your sweet Love. Why is it? Do you think that within freedom, an essential condition, your Love may not be able to be expressed completely?
No, go back to those memories, relive those emotions that you sweetly felt and reflect, was that true joy that you felt? Is it true Love what you felt? Was it that intense emotion that you felt?
Of course, that intensity in the emotion of joy, that intensity in the feeling of Love that all of you experimented on earth, speaks of your achieved Love.
Freedom, this is the condition to fully experiment every feeling, such as joy and Love.
Freedom, the more freedom you donate to yourselves and the more numerous the occasions will be where you will be able to experiment yourselves as you are, you will finally be able to notice just how much Love is available form the heart at all times, to illuminate the entire earth.
Without this condition, experimenting yourselves is really impossible.
This is why the freedom you will give yourselves is fundamental to fully realize your very important project.
Experiment, you came to experiment yourselves and the freedom you will give yourselves will allow you to experiment yourselves as you truly are.
And then this famous freedom from you to your other brothers will come upon earth.
The other brothers…. How many times do you accuse other brothers of being the creators of your opportunities of freedom or non-freedom?
This is because your heart is not authorized to express completely every sweetest feeling that it feels inside, and consequently that brother or that situation become the denial or the authorization for your hearts.
But if you allow your personality to express always, always, always the sweet feelings that your heart feels, you will notice that a brother alone or a situation alone will no longer be able to allow you or deny you, you are the authorization to express yourselves, only you, and that brother is learning, and that situation will be changing.
My loved ones, today as a Father I helped you, now by reflecting you will be helping yourselves, by allowing your heart the constant expression of what you are with the whole of yourselves.
With Love I helped you, with the same Love now help yourselves my children.
With joy I helped you, with the same joy now help yourselves.
With Love I helped you conquer the same possibility to express yourselves within Love, now go ahead and conquer with the same sweet Love the realization of yourselves.
I am next to you with infinite Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 8th November 2008
Title Freedom Reflection about Freedom Denial or Authorization for Hearts Messages from God the Father
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