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Peace and Respect Recognition and Closeness Authorizations to express Love indide Hearts Messages

Peace and Respect Recognition and Closeness Authorizations to express Love indide Hearts Messages
My loved and sweet sons and my sweetest and loved daughters, this freedom needs to be constantly reminded, every opportunity that you have places in front of you constant authorizations to express the great Love that you all carry inside your hearts.
Now that a few days have passed since your last reflection, ask yourselves ‘Will I have to tell my decision to my personality every time?”
The answer is a definite yes.
If you put your heart at the center of every decision you will certainly have to authorize it every time your brothers inside your heart will promote a sense of joy, of affection, of Love, althought authorizing yourselves will eventually get simpler with each time.
Allowing yourselves to be free in front of your brother or your sister brings you to express your feelings.
How much feeling are you used to expressing every day?
Too little by looking at your world, at your earth, but it’s exactly the feeling that will change our loved earth, and turn it into a happy place.
Why could the feeling, the expression of that feeling, change the earth?
The feeling in the heart portraits even a brother you don’t know as your real brother. The feeling from the heart is the recognition of the other person as your brother.
Brother, what does it mean to see your own brother in a stranger?
Do you think that within an affectionate relationship you could conceive the other person as a stranger, sometimes menacing or in other occasions even violent or prone to abusing you?
Inside every relationship you have experimented moments of contrast, of misunderstanding, but it appears that this close knit relationship born form the heart brought you to get close as much as possible to each other, to solve all difficulties. Over time true communication brought serenity from your heart and even authentic communication from the heart of the person on which your affection is focused.
The experience already taught you about the deep meaning of the experience from the heart, recognition and closeness, this freedom brings recognition and closeness, now that you will bring recognition and closeness to everybody by allowing the feelings of their hearts complete freedom.
Think about it, recognition and closeness over time reaching all of you on earth.
Recognition and closeness means Peace and Respect and everyone taking ownership of the problems, of the injustices, in order to change all together, united, accepting that Love can express itself among all of you.
Accepting that Love can finally express itself to every brother on earth means accepting that the same Love inside the hearts is present, and accepting the contact of Love between you means accepting my very presence.
This authorization, you will notice, is the same authorization to express in full freedom your every feeling of Love that involves your heart and the heart of all of your brothers.
You are teachers, then they will be the teachers.
When you listen to us, inside your heart, all my children feel the truth of what I am telling them and your hope is alive, in order for your hope to suddenly translate into your behavior it is necessary to put in the heart the truth that you are now feeling and to allow your freedom to carry the truths into your world.
It’s in the internalization of what you feel that the truth resides, where hope will change into actions so important for your growth, for your experimentation, and for the growth and experimentation of your other brothers.
I will leave all of you my loved and sweet sons and my loved and sweet daughters, I will leave you once again today to give you time to assimilate the topic that I covered today, an important piece to help you grow in the arms of your Father.
As always I cover your heart with Love, my sweet and loved children.
Your Father
Message transmitted 12th November 2008
Title Peace and Respect Recognition and Closeness Authorizations to express Love indide Hearts Messages
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