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Hope the Hope to Put in Place Changes resides Single and Collective Project Effort Example

Hope the Hope to Put in Place Changes resides Single and Collective Project Effort Example
Sweetest and loved sons and sweetest and loved daughters, let’s continue our discussion about the freedom of the heart.
In your eyes, there are moments where you are authorizing your heart to express the feeling of Love that you are currently experimenting with.
I noticed that it’s not easy for you to begin to allow yourselves, but at the same time I noticed that many brothers, when they did allow themselves, saw increased amounts of reactions of affection in return for their having allowed themselves, and it turned out to be easier than they had expected to give voice to their hearts.
I come to you to help you through my words.
Why did this experimentation begin for some brothers but not for some other brothers?
The answer is very simple.
The heart is where the hope to put in place changes resides, hope to experiment, a new effort, and this new effort puts renewed hope into the heart and again hope, reinforced, leads to additional experimentation and a new effort.
Why is it that hope, present in every heart, does not lead all of your hearts to experimentation?
Why does the same stimulation not bring all hearts to want to experiment?
Because it seems impossible that the effort of a single person from the heart could lead to the realization of the collective project.
Why this question? It lies in the history of the human race, incarnated to be stimulated by the individual episode, by the individual brother, to educate others, to act, to change. In the history lies this teaching, brothers who gave the example, brothers who followed that example.
Is it too much responsibility?
Look around for a moment, just one moment, do you think that things are going so well that it is not necessary to answer with effort to achieve change?
Do you think that with so much unhappiness right next to you, that it is not necessary to take action with effort to achieve change?
Do you think that these situations will not change from the single individual to then see the effort expanded because every individual will give up eventually?
It’s the same malaise as yours, it’s what your brothers feel when they look around them, even if just for one moment.
Why should you continue to think that in the heart of other people there are feelings that are far away from yours, different, or even worse, opposite to yours?
What lies in there, my dear ones, is Love, affection, a desire to live in Paradise even while on earth, hope, sweet hope, that someone may be of example to change together.
Hope, but this hope needs to be sustained and this is why I am here to talk to all of you, to feed your sweet hope, to enable your Love to express itself more and more, to allow you to carry forward in the best possible way your project of growth, to enable you with your effort to realize your desire for a better world for you and for your creatures.
Reflect also on this aspect of Love.
Would anyone who has children truly wish to deliver this world, with all of its contradictions and injustices, to their own loved children?
As a Father I delivered a perfect world to you, to allow you, in full autonomy, to decide independently how to survive, alone, far away from me.
As fathers, as mothers, just like me you would like to deliver a perfect world to your children, where they could fulfill themselves in full freedom, isn’t it true?
Take the Love that you feel when you look at your children, and give them a world that changed through your effort.
And to the many brothers who are working hard I will dedicate these words: by spreading Love you are helping your hope and the hope of all your brothers for a possible change, did you notice the joy as they react to your change? Did you notice the Love that you are experimenting makes you feel as if the other person is equal to you, like a reproduction of your heart? Do you notice how everything seems easier when the contact is truly between hearts? Feelings sweetly expressed reach the heart, reap the Love and the Love goes right back to you. Spreading Love is a very important choice and you are the ones spreading the Love, notice the feeling magnifying inside you, the heart is just like that, the more you love the more you feel able to love.
A kiss from me, my children; hope, feed your hope, everyone, my children, many hearts put effort into it, why don’t you try to be an example by looking to help my other children to find hope again and possibility inside their sweet hearts?
With infinite Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 15th November 2006
Title Hope the Hope to Put in Place Changes resides Single and Collective Project Effort Example
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