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To Love and To Be Loved the True Priority of Existence Confirmations inside the Heart Messages

To Love and To Be Loved the True Priority of Existence Confirmations inside the Heart Messages
My loved ones, my children, all of my children are loved, so much Love surrounds you all the time, you are surrounded by Love my loved children, surrounded by the Angels, by your Father, by the entire Sky, every moment you are loved my children, always, every moment, you are loved.
We send you so much Love and we talk to your sweet heart all the time, giving you advice, supporting you, supporting your hope, protecting you during dark moments and pouring into your hearts our joy to join with the many positive emotions that you feel.
This is our constant Love for all of you, this is the universe that surrounds you, a universe that only speaks of Love to you.
Nowadays there is much need to feel it and by turning your ear to listening to the emotions that you feel, it’s possible to hear this sweetest effort from the heart of each one of the brothers who are transmitting to your heart from our Sky.
There is much need to feel it and through these words dedicated to you, the need to feel it becomes hope.
All of you notice how the heart responds when reading words pronounced for you my loved children.
This listening, in this precise moment, is dedicated to you, my loved ones, to listen to your own heart and this need finds answers and confirmation.
You feel, you recognize every truth In your heart, you feel the warmth reaching you from the heart of your Father, you feel the distance dissipating, you feel, because you feel me, right here with you.
And this, my loved ones, is your moment of direct contact with my heart. We are next to you right now, because in your heart you feel the heart of your Father.
When you dedicate a moment to listening to your heart, you instantly feel my presence inside you. They are vital moments, the contact gives confirmation, the contact turns all of its important priority to our Love, the experience of feeling me brings Love as the most important priority in life, and from your heart priority means to love.
Many times in the past priority could have meant to find the means for survival, a home, a house for the children, many material things to make life easier, but during these moments you know that the true priority of existence is to love and to be loved.
In the existence between you my children, to love and to be loved is the purpose, the priority of this experience on earth; to be loved, sweetly loved by your Sky is the priority for all people toward us, to welcome your problems and to help you, as a Father, is my own priority and to love you is the purpose of your Father.
Everything is Love, priority is the Love of a Father for a child to give this loved child the possibility to experiment being loved, to spread at all times the Love all around him, by loving and by being loved.
You are carriers of Love at all times, and at all times the Love of your Father instills confidence in His Love for you and this confidence allows you to be carriers of Love to your brothers.
But you will notice that everything requires for you to listen to your heart, all the time, in every moment, listening to your heart immediately leads to hearing my great Love for you my loved children.
This contact is an opportunity to feel me, you renew this contact to feel me in times of need, you renew this contact with every necessity, your contact will always find me, always, I am always in contact with you in the heart, to help you, to give you proof of my Love at all times, even in those moments when you do not listen to your own heart I am still in contact with all of my Love that I feel for you, and all of a sudden your contact takes place, and you find so much Love there, and this is because back from the time I created you to this precise instant I never left you from inside your heart, and I will never leave you.
So, seek for constant confirmations and a constant confirmation is what you will find inside the heart.
And so the priority will be for you to feel your Father speaking to you about Love every day, to be carriers of Love to the outside of our hearts forever.
It’s in the expression of this priority of loving and being loved that you will reach, my dear ones, full awareness and complete growth.
My loved sons and my loved daughters, priority is growth of Love in all of my children, priority is the realization of all of my children in their Being Love, priority in our messages means to remind you to always put Love, first and foremost, into your lives.
An immense embrace of Love my loved children,
Your Father
Message transmitted 19th November 2006
Title To Love and To Be Loved the True Priority of Existence Confirmations inside the Heart Messages
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