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Truth of the Spirit Love from God the Father Love and Judge Love and Punish Words from God

Truth of the Spirit Love from God the Father Love and Judge Love and Punish Words from God
My loved children, now that I have returned to dictate a message to you, my loved children, listen to your heart; emotions will reach you from me and will accompany the reading of my words.
I am here, in your heart, and we are in contact, your heart with my great heart; this greatness is because I am free to love you all the time, every moment, under every condition, and my freedom allows me to send copious amounts of Love to help you.
Many brothers can feel me, they can hear me in the sweet emotions that I transmit, but there are also many children who think that Love is always somewhere very far away, somewhere unreachable, very distant from them and they think that the earth is a planet inhabited mainly by people, by bodies, and not by Souls that are experimenting in order to grow within Love. And there are many of them. I feel so much sadness for their distance from the truth and I send Love to their hearts in the hope that one day they will be able to hear me.
A hope that sometimes does become a sweet contact, to then continue on or to finish and then once again I pour Love on to the many hearts that are suffering and thinking that Paradise, if it does exist, is a place where they will only end up being judged. The truth that they are expressing, that they are thinking, is so far removed from the real truth that very often the sheer sadness would push me to manifest in front of you just to tell you “My children, I am only Love, how could I possibly judge you? Or punish you? Or eliminate your difficulty in believing in me despite the fact that you could not perceive me with your senses? But then I decide not to do it, because I have built many roads for you, to help you reach me and get to know me in the truth that I am.
The truth is that I am Love, always, only Love, pure Love, unconditional Love and the brothers know that when they return here to the Home, nobody is ever, ever judged, I always pay you compliments for having faced life far away from the Appearance, surrounded by many brothers who make many mistakes while they are learning the light that they bring within them.
And if you find consolation in me, you may or may not find satisfaction when you look with your eyes to the expanded Love, what happened in your past life, you are the ones who judge yourselves precisely by looking in, from Love, into all of your behaviours, and the word judge is not really accurate, it’s more of an understanding whether Love animated or not many of your actions; the word judging implies a condemnation or a release; the expression of understanding how much Love was put into place, or how little of it, implies a difficulty that was either overcome or not, and for each difficulty that was not overcome we highlight the reasons that promoted this insuccess through our help and with our example.
And your growth begins, or even better, it continues in the dimension of your Father.
Only Love can inspire a heart to express itself in its being Love, only Love can contribute to the growth of a Love; only Love can be example for growth.
If my way of helping you releases affection inside your hearts right now, remember that it’s because it’s from the heart that I am sending you these words, it’s the affection that you feel in the heart that highlights the affection that you feel and it’s this affection that you are feeling that speaks of you in the truth; it’s this affection that bonds us, it’s inside the heart that you feel all of this affection; it’s inside the heart that lies the truth of your sweet Soul, of the Spirit that you truly are.
Receive the truth of the Spirit by listening to the emotion that you feel right now in these moments of contact with our Love.
Feed from my Love, understand the truth of my always being Love, feed your being Love by listening to the affection that you are sweetly feeling. Being Love is recognition of yourselves within your being Love.
Sweetly, think of the Father who helped you feel yourselves so that you can notice by yourselves the greatest Love that you express, I am Love, you are all Love.
I sweetly caress you, my creatures, sweet children, loved children, allow the emotions of affection that I feel for you to be heard in this wonderful moment that sees us all united in one sweet embrace.
Your Father
Message transmitted 22nd November 2006
Title Truth of the Spirit Love from God the Father Love and Judge Love and Punish Words from God
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