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Paradise Images of Paradise Love Engage Bustling the Story of God the Father about Paradise

Paradise Images of Paradise Love Engage Bustling the Story of God the Father about Paradise
As a Father I can’t help but remind you that what we pour on to the world from my Home is always and only Love, constant Love, and this way, my loved ones, this constant effort for you is born from our immense Love to give you lots and lots of Love.
Today my loved creatures, I would like to talk to you of our Love, or even better, try to use your imagination and picture this Sky that I am going to talk to you about.
There is always a great bustling, brothers always answering to the sweet thoughts of your Love, the memories, you believe that those memories represent only a very specific moment, but in truth memories light up instantly the brother who is being thought of, the intense light of the body of light begins to vibrate so intensely that it illuminates the entire body of light and the instant that it lights up, on top of being visible to all of us, Love escapes from the heart and goes to that person that in that moment is doing the sweet thinking and it pours trust, a sweet kiss to that sweet heart. And these beautiful experiences are so frequent that they illuminate one brother one second and another brother soon after that, it’s beautiful for me to see the exchange of Love between your dimension and ours.
Bustling, there is a lot of bustling. There are groups of brothers who take on the role of assisting humanity, they take their Love and distribute it in the form of sweet hope to all of my children and in the sweet contact with my children, they illuminate and give support in their daily lives; and other children of mine send you Love to feed your heart and some other children of mine collect the malaise to transform it inside the hearts into an opportunity for constant growth.
Then there are many groups of us, groups of brothers who act on earth as Guides to many brothers, they are called channels, they do a service one earth for you through us as well as a service for all people simultaneously.
Then there are many requests of intercession, from the smallest ones to the more important ones and often the much loved brothers have long lists and the Angels send me messages all the time to put me in the position to help you.
Bustling, a sweet and constant bustling, and then when we look at earth, we would help you even if it was just us, because to understand the constant Love for your brothers means understanding Love.
From up here, constant expression, constant Love, putting you in the position to express this constant Love even among you, comes from the heart as a need to allow yourselves to experiment yourselves just like we experiment ourselves here, and Love desires Love for everyone.
Even the Angels that I placed next to you are expression of the contact of Love of earth and the Sky, expression on earth of the Love of the Sky.
For those of you who do not see all of this bustling, there is a prevalence of the impression that on the surface it appears that there is no contact between all of us, this impression is sweetly proved wrong by your hearts, and this feeding you with our messages is a way to put you in front of the truth that we are telling you.
I understand that on the surface you meet many difficulties to believe in our great effort, ours and everybody’s, but I will invite you to meet people as Souls, as hearts, and in these contacts all of you will experiment the light that has always been with you, from your being all carriers of Love, to the opening up to your Angels, continuing with the experiences of numerous channels and with the constant experiences of the many brothers who, with their hearts, manage to feel experiences of us, of their loved ones, of Angels, of the guides, of the important help in any situation and through these conversations you will register that believing is not after all so far away from seeing and over time you will notice that believing is the condition with which the act of knowing means awareness inside the heart that the only awareness is Love, the Love that knows one single dimension that encompasses everything that exists.
My loved ones, this is the journey, from you to all of us, to discover that Love never really abandoned you, it continues to be next to you with all of the effort toward all of my children. It’s only inside your fears that I appear far away from you, inside your doubts; far away from my children, it’s an impression that corresponds to your own feeling as if you are far away from me, but it does not correspond to the truth.
By dictating to you I show you my vicinity, by dictating to you I speak to your hearts as I have always done, but when I dictate the words are always directed to your heart because its’ always in the heart that we meet, my Love and your Love, and now that we are linked together may my great joy reach all of you with one single sweetest embrace between the Sky and earth.
Your Father
Message transmitted 26th November 2006
Title Paradise Images of Paradise Love Engage Bustling the Story of God the Father about Paradise
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