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The Meaning of All the Meaning of Life the Heart is the One Keeper of the meaning of Existence

The Meaning of All the Meaning of Life the Heart is the One Keeper of the meaning of Existence
My children, my loved creatures, we are all together once again today, united, embraced to exchange Love and to help you better understand our Love. The light that I sent to your heart will help you feel united with me, today as always, but right now in the awareness of the meeting between us.
So embraced, I would like to talk to you, to console you, to lighten up the load of the many problems that you are currently experiencing and I would like always to pour this Love into your heart, to feel my constant presence inside you.
My light, my Love, accompanies you step by step and together we go through the moments of life. And the moments of life are countless, we are born and we experiment, as we grow up life puts in front of us many experiences and we face them together, in our eyes lies the expectation of happiness, then as we grow up we notice that many experiences leave behind traces of worry, pain, conflict, and expressions of bitterness, and even though we look ahead, we notice that we are no longer looking forward to happiness, but rather to a way to be able to survive in serenity, and while the light inside the hearts fades away, we think horrified that our lives are ending and we wonder about the meaning of all this walking.
And it’s exactly about this meaning, the meaning of life, that I would like to talk about today, all embraced, united with me.
I would like to sweetly embrace you so tight that your body would be able to feel me, but it’s inside your hearts that we are already intensely embraced, with my eyes looking to you, hands together to give each other the warmth of the encounter, I speak to you sweetly, my sweet creatures, sweetly so that as children you may lower your considerations over the meaning of your life and instead you listen to how I saw your life during your own journey. It’s in the heart that experiences speak and it’s from the heart that you will see, one day, when death will allow us to reunite and see each other; but in the meantime it’s really important to already observe life from the experience of your heart, how much you learnt and how much you still have to learn.
Chasing happiness did not make you knowingly live the expression of happiness of every single moment; when you were born it was happiness every time you eyes observed the eyes and the smiles of the adults who looked after you; happiness was every experience of wonder for all the elements that you suddenly saw in front of you and it was always happiness at finding out about one of your capabilities; your teary eyes were dried and the expression of that heart made you feel as if you were being accompanied, never alone, and inside your heart this consolation put a smile on your face again.
This is what happiness was when you were very small.
Each moment meant an experience for you, a contact, a consolation, a discovery, and the intense life of your emotions, because everything in your heart had a meaning, emotions of joy, of pain, and very importantly emotions of being with another person to truly exchange your whole yourselves.
Then as you grew up they taught you about objectives, they taught you the enormous value of an objective and they taught you that the objective is the purpose, and you wer even taught to chase it so as to give meaning to your journey. And so you started looking at the objective as a meaning, taking away meaning with each step you took day after day, and the meaning of the achieved objective meant taking away meaning from a meeting, from an exchange, a discovery, and the satisfaction of allowing your humanity an experience of exchange of your whole yourselves.
Many exchanges took place and while growing up many of these exchanges became memories, sometimes sweet memories, sometimes painful, but these memories remind you that your heart remembered every exchange that was lived during each short moment while you were focused on achieving your objective and as soon as you achieved one objective you immediately started chasing another new objective and in the meantime your heart kept on recording everything, all this while you were not aware of it.
And when your objectives were knowingly achieved, you realized that the meaning of having reached them did not add meaning to your life overall, and you believed that your life no longer has a meaning; however now that I have spoken with you, you notice that the meaning does exist in your lives and the heart is the one keeper of the sweet meaning of your existence.
All those exchanges, all those people we met, just like all the emotions you exchanged amongst yourselves and all the Love that you exchanged, they create the expression of yourselves as a feeling and this is what gives meaning to your existence, your heart, the Love you donated and the Love donated to you.
Your heart has always and only registered Love during the many moments of your lives, in the many single individual days that make up your lives and as a Father this is the meaning that I see written in your heart and this important meaning is what you could read yourselves from your memories and from the much more meaningful life that you are getting ready to live.
May the Love that you feel be expressed in every contact, in every encounter, both with your brothers and with yourselves, you are just starting out your lives, beginning to experiment, as an opportunity full of meaning to expand the Love from your heart to other people and you will notice in your experience that the meaning, the sense of life inside yourselves and inside your hearts will begin to grow more and more.
And while you reflect on these words, on this teaching, I will continue to embrace you by adding new Love into your heart.
My creatures, I embrace you with all of my Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 29th November 2006
Title The Meaning of All the Meaning of Life the Heart is the One Keeper of the meaning of Existence
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