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Existence of the Soul The Existence of the Soul is Experimented through the Feeling of Love

Existence of the Soul The Existence of the Soul is Experimented through the Feeling of Love
My loved children, my sweet creatures, my much loved children, you are carefully listening to me right now, embraced to your Father inside your hearts, in this moment you are all embraced to the heart of your Father, to the infinite Love that I feel for each one of you, a feeling, a sweet feeling unites us, we are all embraced in the Love and for the entire time it will take for me to dictate this message, embraced to my children, I will hug through my feelings.
I understand your sentiment as my children, the imagined appearance of the meeting with my eyes, an appearance felt in the heart and in your hearts the appearance is felt through these words of feeling that are being listened to inside yourselves because when you send a feeling you highlight the presence of your feeling inside you.
Inside the heart the existence of the Soul is experimented exactly through the feeling of Love that all of you are experimenting.
My sweet creatures, this is the only truth, the proof of existence of the Soul lies precisely in this feeling of Love that you feel, what a sweet feeling you are experimenting, be it in answer to the feeling of another Soul or a feeling born inside you when faced with another Soul.
The feeling of Love was born with you when you were created here in my Home, and from that moment on it accompanied you and it will forever accompany you into eternity.
You are creatures of our Sky, creatures of this Father who, embrace to you, reminds you that the existence on earth represents only a very limited span of time in your experience of yourselves as Love.
On earth this is only an appearance, the sweet feeling of Love that moves inside you every time you meet another Soul, because Love is certainly not something that you learn but rather something that you live, you feel, you experiment.
What you need to learn, to allow yourself, is to express your feeling of Love with every meeting, in order to send to those hearts in front of you the joy of expressing yourselves, starting exactly from the feeling that lays inside you.
Even a smile sends a feeling of Love, a sweet smile can express understanding, the joy of meeting, it can be expression of the recognition in the face of the seeming differences that you are simply two hearts meeting each other; again the smile can express the existence inside of the contact with your own heart, of the contact with your own being Love, in contact with the heart to be a heart.
But an expression, every sweet expression, reflects to your brothers an expression of peace reached inside you, and those brothers who are still seeking peace inside their hearts need your words, they need your example, they need a sweet and more intense contact between your two hearts.
And this is what Love is, the sweet feeling always in movement to reach the complete expression of itself as Love.
If on the surface many of you consider other people as bodies who are hiding their feelings, preparing yourselves to meet people while seeing yourselves as a heart faced with another heart will make it easier for the other heart to express itself, because inside the heart the expression of its own feelings is always in reply to feeling the presence of the other person as a heart.
I know that it’s difficult right now to see yourselves as a heart among your brothers hearts, especially when you think of the widespread selfishness that you perceive as being all around you, but it’s a moment where your heart feels alone, however with every action, my loved ones, you are always with me, the one who keeps you company by inviting you to just be, just like when you appeared in front of my eyes. Aaaah, what sweet memories, remembering you one by one the moment I created you is a beautiful emotion, your Father was an explosion of joy and a sweet explosion of feelings of Love inside each one of you.
Now that I remember all this, it feels like I am talking to you now just like I was talking to you back then, what joy, what great joy I am feeling when I watch your hearts notice the eternal light of the Love that I poured into your heart, what joy my children, what joy my creatures, now as a Father I would like to really see the explosion of the feeling illuminate you completely, may the joy I am feeling fill each one of your hearts so you will notice that this great joy is always with you, it’s always been there, albeit forgotten, up until our meeting today.
Just one moment, feel the joy in your hearts, joy, only the joy of being together once again, my heart with your heart.
This is a moment of happiness, we are together with you, this is a moment that will stay written permanently inside your hearts, a meeting of joy with your Father.
And if your meeting was made possible by the heart of your Father, continue to think of this meeting as a possibility to donate joy, to receive joy from all other brothers you see all around you.
It’s the feeling of joy, your availability to meet joy, the feeling that, one day, will enable every heart to open up and to talk about how much Love it has inside.
Meeting other hearts is only a perceived difficulty, apply your joy of being here with me now and you will see how easy it is to meet the hearts of other brothers.
We will walk together in joy, forever, for as long as your heart, whenever in contact with mine, will recognize itself as identical to my heart.
With all of the light of the Love that I am feeling for you right now, I illuminate your world by bringing possibility to take stock of the light that shines from your heart just like it shines from mine.
Love, your Father
Message transmitted 3rd December 2006
Title Existence of the Soul The Existence of the Soul is Experimented through the Feeling of Love
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