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Heart amongst Hearts in the World Experience of Life of the Heart Exchange with Other Hearts

Heart amongst Hearts in the World Experience of Life of the Heart Exchange with Other Hearts
My sweet and loved creatures, here I am to our meeting with all of your hearts, I am happy, very happy about our meeting through these dictations, so that in your hearts you will be better able to express emotions for your Father and this, for me, is source of happiness. Listening to you while you listen to me is Paradise for me; you are increasingly free in your hearts to feel me while I send you emotions and thoughts and this means that my help is making you increasingly free.
Inside your hearts is where I have always been, however, noticing me is a new experience for many of you who are listening, and always from my heart with great, immense joy I want to speak to you today once again.
We are all on a journey and I lead you sweetly by the hand to the rediscovery of this Paradise that all of you carry inside.
Paradise is your feeling.
With feelings life becomes Paradise, my loved ones.
You are children who have Paradise inside them and don’t even know it, this is why I take you by the hand and guide you toward your feeling so you will be able to recognize it and live it in full awareness.
Sometimes it has happened that when you looked at your heart you felt emotions so important as to believe that you were all an emotion and that intensity brought you to feel like a heart in the middle of an explosion of emotions.
Remember for one moment the emotions that you felt.
It was joy, it was happiness, remember that moment like a beautiful memory, remember your emotion, feeling yourselves as emotions is so beautiful, it’s an experience of the heart that illuminates your whole selves, an emotion of happiness that floods your brothers, starting from your own very heart, an intense emotion that speaks of us, of the heart, of the possibility of the heart to be a pure emotion.
These moments represented Paradise for you, the possibility, the sweet possibility to live as pure feeling.
You are all remembering your own Paradise.
This emotion is always possibility within all of you.
If Love is liberated, possibility becomes experience and from your own heart this experience becomes possibility more and more frequently, a possibility to experiment your feeling of Love, your own Paradise.
And freedom from within your heart is gained by listening to the heart at all moments of your existence.
Getting up listening to the new day opening up before you, what will it bring? In sweet expectation you get up and begin to take care of yourselves, a good breakfast to give you elements of energy, a shower to give you a perfumed scent, a good shave to prepare yourselves for your meetings, some lipstick to allow yourselves to feel beautiful and then you wear your clothes to reflect your personality to the world.
And then you get out into the world.
This world, made up of people who, on the surface, just like all of you, carry themselves into the world.
While you think back on how you leave in the morning, you notice that this vision is that of a heart that is experimenting itself, the vision of a heart that sees itself as a heart amongst hearts in the world.
When you cross the threshold of your home, your vision as a heart presents itself in front of your eyes.
As a heart that recognizes others as hearts, the physical contact with other people while using public transport is no longer a nuisance, an obstruction of your freedom, it’s only expression of your being hearts that are moving in the world.
Sometimes a smile, a joke or two, the request for some directions, an opportunity for a meeting, for the heart that is experimenting itself, these things always carry emotions in a smile, a kind gesture, a sweet smiling together, an important sharing of your thoughts, these experiences are moments of life, life of the heart.
You reach our workplace and enter through the door, these brothers, just like you, are looking for safety, recognition, contact between you, a friendship that may be able to make them feel like a heart in a seemingly productive world.
Do you notice, by any chance, any difference between your entering your work place and this vision of the heart?
The lunch break is once again an opportunity for the heart to experiment itself again, meeting with other people, exchange with other people, it’s always an opportunity for exchange with other people of affection from your heart, where to eat, who to invite, what to eat and how to eat, they are moments where eating becomes an opportunity to express feelings from your heart, from feelings toward the cook who made the food to those for the friends who are having lunch with you. It’s in this moment that you can experiment with many and new emotions from your heart.
A phone call, a contact with someone you love, it’s a renewed opportunity to live from the heart all the emotion that is always available and it’s this very emotion that makes you feel happy about the transmission of the affection.
When you return to your homes and shut the door behind you, you find so much affection, children, life companions, brothers, family, all people with whom you have relationships of affection, and so a nice smile!, this is for you a moment to express from your heart the Love that you feel for each person that is in front of you.
Try to help because respect within Love means cooperation within the marriage, within education, in the sharing of what there is to do, it’s a sweet commitment that starts from the heart as respect within Love.
Even though there is very little time left in the day, do put a sweet moment of reflection, this day brought you experience especially about the heart, the feelings you had, the expression of your feelings, this allowed you to live within freedom to be your own heart, you feel the richness that this day gave you, and congratulate yourselves, heart to heart, a heart that is experimenting, heart looking for itself, heart that is meeting freedom and finally the consolation at having really found hearts responding to your hearts.
So the day can finally end, a tranquil rest awaits you, tomorrow a new day will begin.
With Love I told you how to conquer your own freedom, from your heart you will conquer your freedom every day.
Your father, who is helping you become more and more your wonderful Love and rediscover the Paradise in the heart.
Message transmitted 6 December 2006
Title Heart amongst Hearts in the World Experience of Life of the Heart Exchange with Other Hearts
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