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Welcoming the Father Awareness of Constant Contact through Hearts Sharing Listening Experience

Welcoming the Father Awareness of Constant Contact through Hearts Sharing Listening Experience
My loved creatures, let’s listen to your hearts right now….. Do you notice how much emotion you are feeling? The wait for our contact is illuminating your hearts, the wait in the certainty of our contact, from the heart comes an intense light that reaches me and sends me the desire of your heart to be close, like at the time of our contact in the Sky.
Our closeness in the heart is noticed and right now you all have your heart open to welcoming the Father who is coming to you with Love.
Are these sporadic moments or rather a continuity?
If you decide that our contact through these dictations could last from the first to the last words that I will express then they are moments, but they are continuity if you consider this a moment of contact through this dictation dictated in the awareness of our constant contact through our hearts.
If you leave and you take me with you then your life will be an endless supply of moments of sharing, of listening, of experience and the moment when from the heart you decide to do a gesture of Love, we will be with you to give Love.
Sometimes, however, life has its difficulties, while your heart will have great difficulty expressing itself in its being Love, I will express this possibility of Love from the inside, to help that brother express to the utmost his being Love, renouncing selfishness and anything that is sent by a heart that no longer perceives the light.
But if you perceive our meeting when the dictation begins, it takes place and then concludes as a wonderful moment that however has a beginning and an end, my loved ones, you will feel alone, fighting a life that only wants to take you as far away as possible from your heart.
I will be inside you but it will be as if I was not there because you will feel alone in your lives, alone facing life, alone without my help, alone without the possibility of exchange between our hearts.
And this is by your own design.
If from your heart you understand that your Father, inside his heart, never abandons you, then that brother will no longer shake up your certainty, and the reactions of rage will be diverted to me to help him, and every situation will be an experience to express yourselves, to measure yourselves, with your conquered Love and the richness will be in every day that we spend together, every experience lived together will be an important experience because almost always it will have brought you closer to listening to the Love that you are carrying all the time inside you.
There are situations of suffering for all of you, real suffering, suffering for the people you love, suffering for many brothers in the world who are desperate, but remember, even in the suffering, your own experience with me or without me can be one of contact or lack of contact with your heart and with your Father’s Love that is always present.
Your physical limitations lead you to believe that you only live in one specific point of the universe, which does not belong to your Father. I am. I am a heart. I am a heart of Love in contact with each one of his children, each moment, and if for you it is difficult to conceive me as omnipresent, for me this is reality.
Let’s see, if in this specific moment each one of you sends his thoughts from your hearts to me, immediately he will feel me sending some kind of emotion to your hearts “Welcome”, “My Treasure”, “Do you feel that we are together”, “I welcome you once again”, “your heart is shining”, “Patience, my dear”, and many other emotions, all different, because you are all similar but different in your hearts in how much you open your awareness up to the Father.
I hope this message will reach you in a moment of maximum openness of your heart, because to be able to hear me it’s necessary to have complete openness and by complete openness I mean the awareness of my Love for you.
Agreed? Shall we all do this test together?
Perfect, you did the test, now, my loved ones, let’s hear the outcome.
If you have proved my existence right now, it’s the proof that I exist right inside your heart, and I have no intention of leaving you and I will always be available for you, now it’s your decision, you may interrupt our contact at the end of this message, or rather you can choose to always be the two of us, from this time on. These are your decisions, I gave you freedom, even freedom to deny my presence in the constant experience with you. I have always given you total availability, you are my child, my creature, and leaving you has never been a thought even in those moments when you would have wanted me to turn around and look away, my pride of a child, who is facing difficulties in the contact with earth and with all of the injustices and others have created, my sweet treasure, your father forgave you for the injustices that you yourself inflicted in the past, however starting from today, if you want, we will be able to walk together in the light of the wonderful Love that is born from my heart and that is born from your splendid heart.
For you, my loved one, Love.
Your Father
Message transmitted 17th December 2006
Title Welcoming the Father Awareness of Constant Contact through Hearts Sharing Listening Experience
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