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Merry Christmas Many wishes for a Merry Christmas from God the Father from Virgin Mary from Jesus

Merry Christmas Many wishes for a Merry Christmas from God the Father from Virgin Mary from Jesus
My sweet, sweetest creatures, Merry Christmas, may the light of my Love illuminate your Christmas and bring joy and happiness into your splendid hearts, so impatient to be close to the heart of your Father.
My dear ones, my loved ones, in my heart I feel joy for my child whom you are about to celebrate, I have joy in my heart for all of you children who are about to celebrate the Love that your brother donated to all of you through his experience on earth and, ever since then, also the teaching that he donated to you.
Throughout his life he spoke with you and his behavior brought coherence to the many words, the teachings that he shared with you.
And this is my pride for my child, words of Love and his being Love.
This same pride urges me to speak to you, awareness that inside you, and outside you, you can all be Love.
You brother Jesus was an example to you, an example of Love for all, with his presence, in his every action, with his words, with his gestures for others, an example, constant presence of Love.
You can be just like my son Jesus, a constant presence of Love, in your actions, in your words, being an example of joy for other brothers, an example of smiles, of the constant expression of Love that a heart feels when, nourished with my Love, it is able to express itself.
Christmas means a new Love and when celebrating the birth of my child, you can give additional meaning to the birth, the birth of your new mode of Love, completely.
Your heart’s expression of Love can expand to all brothers in all of its intensity, from your heart you let Love overflow like a wave covers the many hearts that are around you in life. Only the complete expression of your heart will produce Love, Love that, like a wave, produces Love in the hearts of other brothers.
And it will be a rebirth for you too.
The words of pride that you will feel in the heart will be those of your Father, happy, very happy to help you express yourselves and at the same time always busy encouraging you to express yourselves even more.
And your own experience will be of rebirth in awareness, much greater than yourselves.
Best wishes from my heart
Your Father
Many wishes my children, the Virgin Mary wishes you from her heart, may these moments of great joy that you will experience encourage you to continue on the luminous path that you have undertaken taking by the hand, sweet creatures, the Father and all of the Love of the Sky, may the light that we donate to you always be in front of your eyes and may it guide you in your path to realization of yourselves, full realization of your Love.
The Virgin Mother Mary will always be next to you to help you find inside you the same light that you will have in front of you and the path will be so sweet that inside and outside your heart you will only see Love.
There are many brothers who need help and you, living like Love, you will be able to help them find themselves again.
With much Love I embrace you
Your Virgin Mother Mary.
I add a sweet greeting to your heart. Brothers, my birth marked an important path of growth.
You are my sweetest brothers whom I helped believe, I helped reflect, I helped grow, who today respond to my Love with immense Love for me.
If you knew how much joy I had at witnessing this sweet transformation that I saw slowly take place in your hearts and this Love that you express, my brothers, it fills me with immense joy.
The Father now is dictating and the feeling that grows in you fills me with pride, dictations, so many dictations I have given you to help you be as you are today, proud every time you express your feelings, so this is the answer to my effort, finally seeing you much more free in your feelings.
My message is from the heart, from my happy heart, freedom, I helped you conquer your freedom to express yourselves in your feelings, this is joy for me.
Accept my wishes, I am with you, toward an ever expanding freedom to express yourselves in your feelings.
With infinite Love
Your Brother Jesus Christ.
As a Father I will conclude the well wishes message by sending on earth the light of my Love, may the light of my Love increasingly involve your brothers in their search for Love.
May these words be heeded in the hearts of all my children, seek Love, may the search for Love begin from the heart.
Your Father is made of Love, his every creature is made of Love, Love awaits you.
Message transmitted 20th December 2006
Title Merry Christmas Many wishes for a Merry Christmas from God the Father from Virgin Mary from Jesus
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