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Bringing Encouragement Affection Knowledge Security Solidarity Joy Yourselves into the World

Bringing Encouragement Affection Knowledge Security Solidarity Joy Yourselves into the World
My dear children, here is your Father at the appointment with your hearts, I missed you, it was only a few days, and yet I longed for our appointment.
I notice that these messages are still essential to you to cement my constant presence inside you and so I come seeking you, to cement in your heart the presence of your Father, of my Love that is always present.
You are all awaiting the new year that is coming up, so many desires, so many needs to meet, so many occasions that you would like to experience, some major changes, the effort, everything hinges on the effort that you will put into it. There will be gifts and presents for each one of you, but you know, my dear ones, that the answers of your environments will only change if you give more and more Love to others by changing inside your heart. It’s an endless effort to express yourselves inside your being Love, a sweet effort that comes from the freedom of your heart to express itself more and more.
Sweet creatures, your Father is in your heart with you, always, the Father always appears by lighting up the Love inside you and by bringing you to express to others your sweetest feelings that you have for other people. And again your Father listens to you and sustains you by feeding in you the hope in every difficult situation. And again the Father listens inside the hearts of other people and gives his help freely all the time.
Waiting, sweet waiting for the new year, may the wait bring many fruits, use your wait to reflect, to ask yourselves, with all of your hearts, what attitude all of you would like to carry into the new year.
Bringing encouragement? You are encouragement, free from your heart your power to always be with others to be of encouragement for the entire New Year.
Bringing affection? Even this is a power of the heart, bringing unconditional affection for an entire year to all brothers you love. Be constantly coherent with the effort of bringing unconditional Love to all your loved brothers.
Bringing knowledge? Even this is a power of your heart. For all that you have discovered, there are brothers who need to discover and from your heart you will bring knowledge to help your brothers for whom sharing will be important. Constant effort to transmit knowledge for a whole year.
Bringing security? From your heart security can be expressed, involving brothers to give proofs and food safety is a very important effort in a world that spins and is disoriented by the information from the various sources. Bringing security for a whole year, an important effort that comes from the heart as a movement of Love.
Bringing solidarity? An effort for an entire year from the heart is that of feeling like part of the suffering, of the suffering of your many brothers who live and solidarity can express itself from your hearts in many different ways, knowledge, support, material help, security and affection from the heart. For a year your effort would be available in the various situations linked to suffering.
Bringing joy? Despite the fact that it is difficult to always bring joy, it’s a power of your heart to transform the contradictions of life into an experience that may give it light-heartedness, then over time it will be easier to pick up every opportunity to bring joy to everyone. It’s in joy that the heart speaks of the relativity of many and many experiences tied to the contingent, even though they are always changeable. This effort of joy could bring to looking at your world like a constant attempt to affirm yourselves in a world that after all is only made of opinions.
Bringing yourselves into the world? Without doubt this effort is extremely difficult, yourselves, bringing yourselves, it’s like bringing completely everything that you see in the heart of other brothers, bringing your own being Love, into the knowledge, into the feeling, in a flow of continuous giving yourselves to other brothers, to help them take what they need, like a sweet gift from the heart for every necessity. From the heart, thus liberated, there is no feeling of deprivation but of gift. Your Father is in the heart and this constancy will be source of recharge, joy, contentment, Love.
In this message, my loved children, like I mentioned to you, your commitment will build the experiences that you will encounter in the New Year. This will be the New Year, what you choose to live, opportunities to grow in your heart and stimulus to grow for your brothers.
I know what you are thinking … the commitment, your commitment is what will build your experience, life is the continuous building with your effort and it’s the effort that makes you transmit to all others all that you are, it’s the effort that brings you to choose the experiences on earth, it’s the effort that brings you to change your path and to build moment after moment the series of experiences that will then make up your life. You all build commensurate to your effort. May you be aware of your continuous choices between one effort and another of your choice toward your brothers.
And I will conclude this message by hugging you to my heart, with effort you listened, but it’s inside your heart that I heard you, sweet loved creatures, it’s from the heart that I invite you to choose your effort, your life, your future existence.
I will sweetly embrace you my children
Your Father with Love
Message transmitted 27th December 2006
Title Bringing Encouragement Affection Knowledge Security Solidarity Joy Yourselves into the World
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