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Selfishness and Violence as Form of Devaluation of Yourselves The True Source of Realization

Selfishness and Violence as Form of Devaluation of Yourselves The True Source of Realization
With much joy, with infinite Love, I will dictate my message today. With my heart full of hope, I take all of you by the hand because together we will begin the New Year. With our hands tightly together, with our hearts, we embrace the New Year promising one another words from the heart, a continuous contact between our Loves. I am already hugging you and promising my continuous help and in every situation we will face there will be two of us, aware of the bond of Love that unites us deeply. I am hugging you to encourage you to open up your heart to me without letting any veils separate us, and while I kiss you, I want to explain the infinite Love that I am feeling while taking you by the hand and encouraging you.
My children, my loved creatures, I know that life on earth has many obstacles, selfishness, abuses, carelessness and even violence in the families toward the smallest creatures. These situations surprise the heart that asks itself “Why? How can a heart that contains our Father, and that is programmed to Love, how can it be so closed to every demonstration of Love, why refute the Love for a sweet child, for a wife, for a father, does that child not realize the great pain that he is spreading around himself? Can Love be so strong as to be refuted?”
And sweetly you notice, in your existence, that no-one from you gives Love if not by choice, there are moments where even all of you respond with violence, in many different ways, but it’s still violence that we are talking about.
Is the Love in your heart so weak to run away in front of situations that engage you so intensely?
Why, over the course of time, did you all face problems while trying to place Love more and more in the first place?
My children, it’s because in our messages you experience continually your Father, the Love that I send to you from the Sky, through my words, and my Love that I always express to all of you.
This is my new contact with Love, encouraging your heart to express your Love from your heart, you feel Love, you recognize your own Love and you express to me in your joy your every conquest of Love that you are truly freeing up more and more.
And if in your heart, selfishness clears the way to the expression of your Love to me, the happiness of selfishness leaves the way to the important experience of being happy with yourselves, the selfishness as a renunciation to conquer the true happiness, the pride to express your wonderful being.
The love of your Father guided you into your heart to understand that selfishness is a form of devaluation of yourselves; your Father taught you that violence is a form of devaluation of yourselves; your Father taught you that Love is the highest form of evaluation of yourselves, by yourselves. Joy is realization, and feeling yourselves as Love is the true source of realization.
Over time you learnt all this and this effort that you, on reflection, undertook with yourselves for the New Year, will be the source of your own realization, the source of your feeling of joy that we will share in the heart.
My loved ones, your sweet brothers are so far away from me, locked in their own selfishness, they think that Love no longer exists, certainly not for them, and their selfishness brings them to concentrate their belongings into their own hands as the only source on which they can count on.
But when your wonderful Love will arrive to brighten up their existence, from a little corner Love in all of its potency will provide proof of existing and they will be able to begin their path, just like you.
As a Father I cannot impose myself, as an example you follow me, as an example every child can follow me.
Without you I could not reach them, you are my arms, my bodies, my words, you are my Love that moves toward others to embrace them, to console them, to spend a little time embraced with them and consoling them and explaining to those hearts that I am always here with you, in the heart of all my children and I always give Love to give you hope for your realization.
May this New Year be like a walk together, with us bringing our great Love united to my creatures who are suffering and who feel that their life, without me next to them, is useless.
I have in my heart the joy of knowing that you are with me, so much joy, knowing you are next to me, an explosion of joy that is waiting for the contact with my children who are alone, while I am reaching them next to you.
Embracing you, and filling you with Love is happiness, now let’s sweetly go, the New Year is beginning.
With Love.
Your Father
Message transmitted 31 December 2006
Title Selfishness and Violence as Form of Devaluation of Yourselves The True Source of Realization
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