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Upheavals on Earth Problems with Pollution Financial Effort and Bequeath

Upheavals on Earth Problems with Pollution Financial Effort and Bequeath Message
Sweet children, the New Year has just begun, the sky is clear, and looking at this sky you are all asking yourselves “The situation on earth is changing, are upheavals awaiting us?”
In this change, my dear ones, the situation can certainly lead to upheavals because this is the time to seriously face the problems with pollution.
Many, countless times both scientists and your own brothers warned you about the change during the last few decades, but if not all of them, certainly too many of their voices went unheard.
And now you ask yourselves “Will there be upheaval?”
You know from your heart that all of this has happened over the course of the years, and from your heart you know that the effort of many people allowed you to understand that many problems should have been tackled on a global scale, and from the heart you ask yourselves why the financial interests did not bring, I won’t say to solve, but at least bring a stop to its progress up until this day.
The financial effort needs continuity in order to survive, what kind of financial effort can endure if the conditions on earth are aimed at a catastrophe?
I will answer why.
You think about your existence, you exist in this specific moment on earth, your eyes are looking at the present moment, the time span of one life with a beginning and an ending, then you could have Heaven for eternity. And this experience, with its teaching, should end with the conclusion of this moment of existence on earth.
As brothers, you do your best to give stuff to other people, possessions, money, stock, and a lot more that may help your brothers, those affections, who will experience life after you.
You accumulate many things to then donate them without realizing, my loved ones, that those are not the important possessions to leave behind for those who will live after you.
You met many injustices over the course of your lives, will you leave the same injustices behind?
Will you leave behind just as many contradictions?
There are many brothers who are developing selfishness instead of Love, is this what you will leave behind for the brothers of the future?
And still on the subject of selfishness, will you bequeath to others the upheavals that these problems with pollution could present beyond reasonable doubt?
The New Year has just begun and my sweet brothers, in my heart I ham very concerned for all of those who will come, what kind of situation will they find?
This is an appeal, my dear ones, an appeal from the entire Paradise, for those who will follow, to defend the earth in its climate, to reduce pollution, to reflect every moment on what every single act has resulted in for all of your brothers, for yourselves and for all brothers to come.
This is the teaching for today, always reflect on the consequence that your every gesture has, whether on you, on your brothers or on those who will arrive after you.
Every time you send Love from your heart, you are spreading seeds of Love for everybody.
Every time the welfare of all brothers will inspire your actions, you will be spreading seeds for all.
Every occurrence where you will go against violence, selfishness, and even injustice, by deploying the Love from your heart, you will be spreading seeds for everyone.
In every project shared with other people aiming at solving constant and dangerous problems present on earth, with your active participation, you will be seeding success for those after you.
And even earth will contribute, by restructuring in the optimal conditions, to give you and all of those future brothers the possibility to live by leveraging your projects of growth and not the fears for survival.
My dear ones, my loved ones, my message will remain here in this website for all, for all people who will read it so as to represent a stepping stone for all of you brothers who are growing up, reflecting on the project that is your life, think about the consequences in the future of every single action coming from you.
The project is not complete without a thought for the future.
The future… how many of you are still thinking that you cannot be brothers on earth?
It’s only a matter of time and you will all return, because life on earth is one of the biggest opportunities for growth for a Soul.
Today on earth, my loved ones, you can do so much, come on, cheer up, let’s sweetly spread seeds. I am embracing you, you all know that the Father will never abandon you, because as I spread seeds I think about my sweet children who will return to me, and sowing together will be the experience of my Love next to you.
Embraced to you, I put in your heart faith in the real possibility for change.
I am always embraced to you
Your Father
Message transmitted 3 January 2007
Title Upheavals on Earth Problems with Pollution Financial Effort and Bequeath Message
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