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Truth and Doubt The Precious Search for the Truth of Paradise Message

Truth and Doubt The Precious Search for the Truth of Paradise Message
My sweet children, has it been a long time since I spoke to you about Love?
I know you are laughing, here is your Father talking about the feeling of Love at every opportunity.
Is it a necessity of your Father, or yours?
The necessity of your Father is to send you his Love beating incessantly inside his heart, while it’s your necessity to live being in contact with Love.
The apparent separation makes you feel all alone in your earthly world, the separation in the eyes, in the look that no longer catches my gaze, it has much more to do with the eyes of the heart, and my Love toward your many hearts reignites the hope in action, reignites faith of never being alone, and gives motivation to your heart by deploying Love, using me as an example, an example of a Sky that has always existed, your true Home, an example to return once again close to me, enriched with your experiences of Love that you can experiment on earth.
I know that for all of your eyes, the possibility to meet me would be an important emotion that would sustain you, but today, listening to your heart, you can feel what your Father is experimenting, the emotion of his heart, which is much more important than my gaze.
I truly feel Love, every moment I sweetly look at you, or infuse courage to you, or I sweetly accompany you on your life journey, I feel pleasure in my heart, beautiful enjoyment, for the sweet creature that I have been sweetly loving with all of myself ever since then.
My eyes actually hurt when I see your suffering due to too many tears, a poor suffering creature, I would like to bring her with me into the light, but then I encourage her and sustain her because, despite the fact that life is a painful and difficult experience, I know that many of you are helping as an example of Love and that one day you will also help my sweet creature who is suffering today.
You understand this Father, in his heart the pain of many people and the hope that some of his other creatures will be able to alleviate the pain for everybody.
Through all of my messages I support the possibility that you will feel inside your heart the Love that you received, the certainties that you acquire over time, the commitment of Love that we donate to you to sustain your own commitment of Love, this is its meaning, helping you with Love to be the arms of Love for all those brothers who are suffering on earth.
And the time that we wait, while we educate you on how to be Love, is time of hope of the heart for all those brothers to whom you will dedicate your Love.
Of course in Paradise all of you are doing things for everybody else, but on earth it’s Hell and not Paradise, and being Love is not an easy feat.
There are brothers who always doubt and drag you with them into doubting, there are many who suspect that this Paradise is written on some books but that it’s not the reality and they drag you into this mistaken vision, brothers who insist that the revelation only happened back then, and all of this ends up planting the seed of doubt into your heart, there are brothers who warn about the existence of need to make you believe it, doubt upon doubt, and you let go and neglect what you feel in your heart and abandon the precious search for the truth.
This is what hell represents to me, distance from the truth.
Now that you all recognize this influence from your brothers, you understand that what accompanies us is hope and not certainty, you are all exposed, with your own doubts, with doubts from all other people as well as hope, but hope is what I feel for you, on whom my entire Love is focused, message after message.
However, in my heart there is a constant declaration of Love for you, for all of you, and while we travel around the earth I see more and more often a confirmation of my Love for you, many occasions where your Father sees you mobilizing Love and helping and tending to other people with much Love during the difficulties that you all meet and in front of my eyes your heart shines and reminds you that you are creatures of your Father, you are Love just like me, and I smile to you as if to say “You see, my child, if you listen to your heart, doubts will vanish; what is more important, more beautiful than feeling yourself as a sweet heart just like in the present moment? Remember, the feeling of Love that you are experiencing right now is your true identity, you are made of Love from me, from your Father Love, and you exist as Love, to share only your being Love, you notice what contentment, what satisfaction you feel right now while you are being yourself, no doubts, only your being Love, and while I sow seeds of awareness amongst you, I feel inside my heart a love for you just as you are, because you are all Love, my sweet children.
I filled many notebooks with words of Love, but the feeling is inside my heart and while you are listening to me, I would like for you to experience the feeling I have, it’s like an entire palette of colors being mixed right before your eyes and creating beautiful images, which then disappear and reappear again as other images, always different but beautiful at the same time, it’s so exciting to play with your feelings, to create and recreate wonder in those people we love.
I am producing images from my heart just for you, there is a cloud that is crying and some hearts that are drying the cloud; there is a cloud laughing and some hearts that are laughing with the cloud, and now I created the eart and in every square inch of it there is a sweet heart that is reacting to my Love by always changing color, they are wonderful, this is what you are to the eyes of your Father, hearts, you are all hearts.
In this precise moment there are many that are answering my shipment of Love, if it was all of you it would be happiness, like this new image that I am creating in my heart, all united in Love through the thousands of colors that I place in your hearts.
Let’s build this image all together, the starting point is Love and the destination is Love.
Your Father, in the light
Message transmitted 7th January 2007
Title Truth and Doubt The Precious Search for the Truth of Paradise Message
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