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Awakening in the Heart Touching Love in its every Manifestation Contact with the Truth Message

Awakening in the Heart Touching Love in its every Manifestation Contact with the Truth Message
My sweet ones, my children, it is always a privilege for your Father to be here with you, to talk to you and express to you, like I am doing right now, the big, immense Love that I feel for each one of my sons who are listening to me and for each one of my daughters who are listening.
I know that it’s a privilege for my children to talk to me or listen to me, but for me privilege is the possibility to send Love to all of you.
Always Love, you notice it, I send it to you, I send it through my words, with the images that your website sends, with the various testimonials that you see being collected and with the questions that will give you more and more answers.
It’s beautiful to put you in contact with the Love from all of Us, it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful to listen to your hearts while you read these pages and you reflect, or even the shock that comes from touching the truth, like through the images, truth of our being Love.
It’s beautiful watching you while a new hope illuminates you from inside your hearts, and new certainties take the place of doubts and of advice often or sometimes erroneous.
Your research took you here today, to touch with your finger the feeling that has always been present in our Sky, the feeling of Love.
In addition, I notice that the transformation in your hearts that comes with every contact with this website is a transformation in the sense of having touched Love in its every manifestation.
Touching Love is a precious moment of awakening in your heart of your feeling of Love and in these moments you feel very very close to the Sky.
This is because your Love finds itself in our being Love.
You almost always forget that what unites all of us is exactly the feeling of Love, when you neglect Love you feel alone, when you light it up, you feel united to us.
By lighting it up often, the feeling of Love starts to perceive itself as a Soul who is now busy with its current experience on earth but still belongs to the Sky, while when it’s neglected you feel your experience on earth as the only certainty, disappointing, but a certainty.
Furthermore, just as a bit of advice, here you are faced with the truth, you are creatures of the Sky, you are never ever abandoned, on the contrary, you are followed by a great, great Love that places itself next to you children and while you meditate on this truth, in your heart lights up again the awareness of your being born from Love, a carrier of Love, carrier of the same Love from your Father who is always with you.
As children, our help is always that of bringing the truth to you, so that the wonderful experience of growth while on earth may truly be lived within the truth, truths that we have been sending you since always, truths that we will always send you.
On the subject of truths, while you are in contact with my words am dictating, do you feel a sensation of familiarity? Inside your hearts these words echo as if you were already familiar with them, there is no surprise in learning how great the Love of this Sky is, you feel that this discovery is nothing new, why is that? Ask yourselves why.
All of you already know the Sky, the experience of being here with us in the Sky is something you already learnt long, long time ago in your hearts, it’s hard to remain still when you are faced with a surprise, you would feel so much happiness at this new discovery, but in all of your hearts there is impassiveness; previous knowledge, it’s this previous knowledge that makes you impassible.
While happiness for all of you means finding your Father again, finding his Love again, finding that truth that you were looking for, today on the internet, in previous times in temples or in the contact with Teachers.
Happiness is finding your heart exploding again with emotions over this contact with the truth.
Happiness is to feel that you are still together while on the surface it appears that the visible contact is absent, however it’s exactly inside the heart that the contact takes place again and talks to you about our being all united, and this is not an appearance, but it’s the real truth.
Neither time nor distance in the experience will ever ever interrupt our contact of Love, because Love will always be there from Paradise all the way to inside each one of your hearts.
Let yourselves be hugged, what a joy my children, to be able to hug you once again in the truth, hugging you to me is the contact inside your heart between us, and while hugging you I squeeze you very tight, because between two Souls “very tight” means expressing to the other heart what the heart feels inside at the time of the contact.
This is what your Father is, immense Love for every brother of yours and for you, it’s especially for you, the heart that I am squeezing so tight is yours, my adored child, my much loved child, you are inside the heart of your Father who is sending happiness and immense, immense joy, you, my sweet creature, my precious treasure.
Let’s stay embraced, my Love will always be with you, believe me, I am always connected to you.
Your Father, in the Sky and in the heart
Message transmitted 10th January 2007
Title Awakening in the Heart Touching Love in its every Manifestation Contact with the Truth Message
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