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Creation is Thought Decision Action Energy Individual Creation and Collective Creations

Creation is Thought Decision Action Energy Individual Creation and Collective Creations
My children, are you ready to grow a little more once again today?
The journey we lined up fills me with joy, helping you grow and over time the wonderful growth has manifested itself before my eyes.
I don’t know if there is more happiness in your Father or inside your every heart, we are expressing synchronized happiness.
And with this joy, my loved ones, let’s continue with another small step.
Don’t forget that for us, every little step coincides with a new awareness that takes you even closer to the truth, the truth of the heart, the truth of our being Love.
Let’s begin this message by saying that every single gesture from you is a creation, because everything you do creates.
Don’t forget that every thought is creation, every single decision is creation, every single individual action that pertains to you either as an individual or as brothers.
The synchronicity of your individual creations is collective creation.
Create, what does it mean to create?
Creation is part of a specific energy residing inside you that creates specific conditions outside of you.
For example, when you speak to your brother, there is an energy of Love, you send energy to the exterior of your body, energy that shifts, intentionally, and involves that specific brother.
Another example, you produce energy that comes from your fears toward a certain brother, the energy leaves your body and aims straight at that brother.
This is also creation.
All of you take part in creation.
An important example of collective creation could be the war activated by the collective energy often produced by the need of security augmented by your own fears.
What is in a collective or individual creation?
Deliberate energy aimed at a group or an individual brother.
This creation carries clear consequences.
First of all let’s begin with the individual creation.
This brother meets at a global level the energy that was emanated from you.
This meeting of the energy will cause a shake-up in his own energy.
When Love is being sent, his entire energy field, influenced accordingly, will be able to reply to the energy shift, replying from the heart by accepting it and replying from the heart with a pleasant sensation of affection and depending on the awareness or lack thereof, almost always reached in this Sky, it will send a reply with renewed intensity of his affection to the sender.
Another reaction is to notice the level of energetic affection that is renewed in his whole self, and utilize this emotion to generate a smile of happiness to himself.
Another important reaction is the attempt to block inside himself the transmission of the affection being sent, however the situation which of course always involves achieved awareness, is blocked only in part, because there is always awareness of the source of the energy surrounding the body.
Over time the energy dissolves, it dilutes, it merges and instead of returning to the originating brother, it stays available to everyone, to activate that field of collective energy in which you are all included in this moment.
The energy is collected and recycled by the individual brothers inside the collectivity, and the stimulus is picked up on.
The more important positive changes of your brothers are from energy that was not sent to them directly but received from the collective energy.
You should remember the changes when you brothers were speaking to you of an “energy that you could touch”, this message is much more real than what you imagined at that moment.
That message places today in front of your very eyes the possibility for everyone to respond, tapping from the collective energy.
Creation is every individual gesture, creation toward a brother or creation toward the collective energy.
Do you notice the extreme importance of every individual gesture?
Everything you transmit comes back to you as a creation of the collective energy.
The awareness that what is sent out from a person comes back to every one of you with a different level of energy is really important.
And while you meditate on this information today, I would like to invite you to look at yourselves as an energy level, you are the creators of the energy that surrounds you, albeit a little more aware of it, starting from today.
You are all creators, my children.
I am embracing you, creators, you are all creators my children, and while I embrace you I can not resist telling you how much the Love that I placed in every single one of your hearts is important for all of your energy, individual and collective energy. And while I embrace you I invite you with Love to deploy more and more the Love for your entire planet.
Your Father, close to you in the heart
Message transmitted 14th January 2007
Title Creation is Thought Decision Action Energy Individual Creation and Collective Creations
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