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Energy Experience Constant Here and Now The Production of Collective Energy Creators of Energy

Energy Experience Constant Here and Now The Production of Collective Energy Creators of Energy
My sweet and loved children, here is the Father once again with all of you, with Love, to teach you so you will understand a bit more.
In our last message, I introduced you to looking at everyone’s production of energy, directed to all of your brothers and also to individual brothers.
You produce energy, you create energy, which can be made available to individuals and to everyone.
Let’s make an important example, right now, when you listen, you produce energy; your Love is activated by our contact and while you read, your thought goes to your Father who, with Sara Luce, is able to send this teaching. In your heart you feel gratitude, happiness and a lot of affection. This energy leaves you and while I talk to you, or listen to you, this energy surrounds me; I am aware that this sweet energy comes to me from you, who are reading this message, and my heart reciprocates this energy by illuminating you with the energy of Love that I send you. With this contact the energy arrives to you and produces a pleasant feeling of Peace. By reacting to this sensation of Peace, you, the listener, produce new energy, you emanate new energy, which brings Peace when in contact with the collective energy.
There is a brother who is bothered by something, he looks up to the Sky, and he comes into contact with the collective energy and finds an element of Peace there, as he picks up on this element his worries subside; when in contact with that heart, Peace transforms into calmness, and this calmness is now present in the collective energy available to another brother.
You, my dear one, understand that this example started with the two of us, with you reading and producing energy, you sending it, the energy returned to you and activated renewed energy that ended up becoming available to all brothers.
Now imagine that what happened between us in this moment also happened to all people at the same time, do you see my dear one how this experience is constant, it’s in the here and now, the production of collective energy is here and now.
The feeling starts from the heart and becomes transmission of energy.
And at all times I am in contact with the energy that you produce to give you Love and to enrich your collective energy of Love for all my children.
However, now that I explained this to you and made you aware of your reality as creators of energy, let’s continue by talking of the other energy that you mobilize.
Hope and affection produce energy, just like aggression and fear; at the same time hope produces hope for everybody while anger and aggression produce anger and aggression for everybody.
Those in need of hope will find hope available; on the same token, those immersed in aggression will be able to tap into additional aggression.
My dear ones, this becomes your space, the individual energy that welcomes the collective energy, to then enrich it with the reaction inside it, and to then project it one more time into the collective energy. This is the air that you breathe, the product of your energy, what was taken by the collective energy and what you then produced for the collective energy.
You can change energy by picking up affection and Love from the collective energy and by producing yourselves affection for the collective energy.
Every contact lights up the creation, because in every contact your affections produce energy.
There is responsibility in this knowledge, now you are all aware of what every individual gesture produces, you are aware that your thought creates energy, you are aware that your feelings produce energy, you are aware that you contribute to creating the quality of the collective energy here and now.
While saying his goodbye, your Father invites you to reflect very carefully on your reactions, may you know how to always put Love and not aggression, for example, so that on earth there may be always more Love available for all of your brothers.
My children, I have a lot of hope in my heart that over time your creation of energy may speak more and more about Love, enriching of new possibilities of Love your entire collective energy, available for your brothers around the world.
I hug you and surround your collective energy with Love.
Your Father, who has always been with all of you
Message transmitted 17th January 2007
Title Energy Experience Constant Here and Now The Production of Collective Energy Creators of Energy
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