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Collective Energy Exchange Positive Value Possibilities Energy Level and Reality

Collective Energy Exchange Positive Value Possibilities Energy Level and Reality
My sweet and loved children, your Father is next to you my loved ones, just like he is every day.
Let’s continue to understand this famous collective energy to which you all take part.
Today I will share an important point to allow all of you to enrich yourselves and enrich others through Love.
Every time the heart contacts the collective energy there is an exchange, you give and take, you take energy and give energy, you take feelings and leave behind feelings.
You take a feeling into your heart, and in turn you activate a feeling and project this feeling into the collective energy.
Just like everybody else, when you tap into it you take the feeling that you need, and just like I recommend you to do, take the feeling that is opposite to that which you are feeling at that time, if it’s a negative feeling such as anger or desperation, tap into the heart for hope and possibility; if the feeling you are experiencing is positive, tap into the opposite to transform it and give it back to all brothers enriched with many possibilities.
When there is Love in you, pick up the suffering, the impossibility, the anger, the powerlessness and turn it into positive possibilities for everyone and, with your thought, put it into the collective energy.
By increasing the presence of Love in the collective energy, we make the contact with the energy with a positive value possible for everyone, a contact that will help all brothers.
The more Love is present, the more this positive value will shine in the collective energy, illuminating all brothers.
Think about what happens when there are many of you desiring something positive, possibilities, all of you breathe possibility at the same time, your effort is activated by possibility, the heart is focused on helping other brothers, and your dreams often come true, first of all at energy level and then in reality.
It’s not just a specific example, you create possibilities, you project possibilities, you can breathe possibilities, possibilities are being created.
It’s all at energy level, and like you, this specific level is for everyone.
It’s very important to understand which energy level you are breathing, to regenerate it and resend it into the collective energy.
What you breathe concerns the present, the present moment, regeneration is about the present moment that you are creating.
In words it sounds complex, but in your heart you constantly generate the collective energy that is upon you and that produces the important emotions that you are feeling.
Attention to what is produced, combined with a focused intervention toward positivism, toward Love.
For example, if inside your heart you feel an emotion of contrast that is not typical of you, it could be that this feeling of contrast comes from the collective energy.
When you notice this feeling, sometimes this happened to you, my dear ones, you may intervene by enriching the energy with possibilities of every heart to be able to confront with another heart with the intention of understanding each other and melting away the feeling of conflict that had been brewing.
By enriching the collective energy through your feelings, every brother will find that thought that inside the heart will be able to give a possibility for a better solution.
This example helps you, my dear ones, to always be aware of the individual power that you are mobilizing in your creation.
Through your thought you project into the collective energy, through Love you project the content into the collective energy.
I feel like I am at school, I explain to you, and you take notes, there is so much joy in uniting all of you together and explaining to you what a pleasure I feel in my great heart in helping you, I am a Teacher for you, I have so much Love for you that even if I explain important things to you the feeling that I have, my creatures, is that of loving you with all of myself, this is what is contained in each one of my words that give to all of you, Love, Love is every word spoken, it’s every thought communicated out of Love, it’s every smile you express out of Love.
Gather all your notes, now the lesson is over, may our Love allow the exchange between your hearts and my heart.
We have enriched your collective energy with Love, it was very easy, wasn’t’ it? It was enough to take our heart and let it express the Love it has inside.
If you think about this moment again, you understood the lesson fully, and while we speak, other brothers now have our Love available to them.
The teacher says goodbye, and from my heart my goodbye changes into a kiss that surrounds the entire earth.
Your Father, who has always been with you
Message transmitted 21st January 2007
Title Collective Energy Exchange Positive Value Possibilities Energy Level and Reality
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