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Awareness Concept of Awareness Recognize yourselves in Conquered Being Reflection about Awareness

Awareness Concept of Awareness Recognize yourselves in Conquered Being Reflection about Awareness
My dear and loved children, I come to you, I reach out to you to explain the concept of awareness to you.
I need to explain this concept because sometimes it becomes necessary to address other brothers from a knowledge perspective as well as addressing our Sky from our knowledge perspective.
The opportunities to express awareness are certainly not lacking, but all of you express yourselves to others as if this concept needed to be explained.
Over time, you have learnt that the effort you made in studying our messages we dictate produced in you an increase in your awareness; every time reflection opened up your heart, to change and to promote greater contact with the truths contained in your hearts, you have changed, you have grown, you are sweet, in an increasingly direct contact with your heart,, and the result of the change that accompanies you is now visible to the brothers around you.
Over time you have become knowing carriers of the truths you conquered and your eyes, and all of your being is expressing it.
One attitude expresses this achieved awareness; the thought expresses this achieved awareness; the action is the expression of achieved awareness. This is reality for all.
Over the course of time, the approach to problems has changed, the hope in our help is more concrete, the attitude of understanding toward your brothers has evolved considerably, the understanding of the truth of the earth and the Sky brought you to be more free within your existence, in the experience that you are living; this achieved awareness is a treasure available to everyone.
So many reflections were needed to acquire this awareness, and how many more are still needed to acquire full awareness, however, right now it’s important first of all to continue toward the path of increased growth, a moment of reflection on your level of achieved awareness so far.Write who you are on a piece of paper.
Name and last name, do they represent the past? You are Souls who, over the course of your experience, changed several names and several last names, however it’s the experience in the Soul that is everlasting. Through the names and last names you matured experience, but it’s experience in the recognition of yourselves more and more as a Soul; if over time you have been building up, now you are very sure of your identity of being a Soul.
If over the course of time you returned a lot of affection, you also experimented your consistency in being Love, Love and Soul are synonyms; being Soul and being Love coincide perfectly.
Over the course of time you donated Love and this shows you that inside the Soul there is Love first of all, both as a reply and as a proposal. Next to this awareness you noticed that your Love, expressed regardless of the heart in front you, lights up in its expression the Love in the hearts in front of you.
Over the course of time you noticed that you are all constantly relating one with another, you are aware of sending energy toward others, so Love is the bond for everything and it’s a direct bond also with the Sky.
Over the course of time, while growing, you recognized yourselves as Love created by your Father, but also identical as Love to that of your Father, and over time you understood, and next to the heart of all of you, united with Love, there is the presence of the Love of your Father, and at the same time this union that is inside you expresses itself for you and for your brothers.
You are Love, you conquered awareness of being Love, you are all connected by Love, all connected with you Father Love.
And this is finally your truth. Awareness means to recognize yourselves in this truth. Awareness is first of all Being and then speaking or doing. The conquest is Being, not the words or action, but Being.
To the eyes of the brothers it’s the Being that shows itself, it’s the Being that transmits, it’s the Being that mobilizes hearts, and it’s only the achieved awareness that allows you to recognize yourselves in your conquered Being.
Let’s compare it with what you wrote on the sheet in answer to the question about you, about who you are.
This reflection in this moment is extremely important, by cementing your awareness of your Being we will then be able to proceed toward new reflections and conquering more and more awareness, more and more truth.
Your Father for you, my loved ones.
Message transmitted 28th January 2007
Title Awareness Concept of Awareness Recognize yourselves in Conquered Being Reflection about Awareness
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