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Violence Why Violence Killings and Violence Desire to Annihilate the Other Person Deceit Origin

Violence Why Violence Killings and Violence Desire to Annihilate the Other Person Deceit Origin
My children, my eyes are full of tears, why, children, all the violence in every part of the world? There is a world where violence has never existed, my dear ones, why is it that Paradise could exist on earth, and instead violence continues to exist?
The eyes of your Father are always called upon by violence and killings, my dear ones, violence does not exist in your Souls, this is pure selfishness dictated by your desire to overwhelm, desire to annihilate the other person to affirm your superiority.
Superiority? Superiority in what, my children?
Violence makes you superior? To whom? And why?
Let’s reflect
Violence is perhaps to regain control when you believe you do not have control in your hands?
Maybe violence helps you affirm a concept, your right against another brother?
Maybe with violence you erase certain emotions that you feel inside?
My dear ones, violence will always only be violence, it will not erase a certain emotion from your heart, violence will be inside you anyway and your right will never be affirmed through violence, you will only feel anger and violence in yourselves, and the same violence will not change, no equilibrium can be created by violence and the eyes will always and only see violence around you and inside you.
Violence is one brother overwhelming another.
May this message invite you to reflect that violence never creates, there are never motivations that justify violence.
Look at violence for what it is, an effort to achieve abuse of power. In all of the forms in which this can be expressed, violence is only abuse, motiveless abuse.
You react to violence like everyone does, with an equally violent attitude and you react in the heart by shrinking Love and accepting violence, thus creating conflict. However, you are learning to put a stop to violence that you feel as a reaction. And your brothers, like you, are working on blocking every violent gesture as a reaction. This is because you are learning that in every reaction violence is opposite to a solution, and, my loved children, resolution is what you are looking for. And for those solutions only your heart can be of help, ways to resolution will only come from Love. Your being Love will bring resolution.
Conflict places a certain problem in front of your eyes, understanding the problem means looking through the eyes of that brother, at the solution that he sees, the emotions he feels, the fear he feels, the mercy he is feeling, because he is deceived, but he is not aware of it.
Violence is always a deceit of which we are not aware; violence can be conceived as a form of requesting help to understand the deceit.
If over the course of the experience you noticed that the deceit generates violence, you noticed how every explanation brought about a decrease, or the elimination of violence, and if over time you labeled as violence every argument born from misunderstanding, you have implicitly referred to the deceit as the origin of the violence.
Mercy is the recognition of the value of that brother, who at that moment in time is deceiving himself.
Begin by repeating among you that deceit equals violence and I am sure that for you it will become increasingly easier to block your violence as a reaction, to use your heart and to seek solutions, knowledge, the solution means using your knowledge.
May my help turn into help for yourselves in all of these directions.
With Love, your Father, always next to you
Message transmitted 31st January 2007
Title Violence Why Violence Killings and Violence Desire to Annihilate the Other Person Deceit Origin
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