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Reality The Sum of Souls with a Different Level of Awareness of the Truth Message

Reality The Sum of Souls with a Different Level of Awareness of the Truth Message
Peace my children, Peace in your wonderful hearts, only through Peace can your hearts express your Love.
It’s been a while since our meeting and there are thoughts that are no longer a part of you. Thoughts about the distance from the Sky, thoughts of requests for help being heeded but only for certain people, thoughts, sweet thoughts, instead of the old ones, and all of you follow me and in your thoughts, I am present more and more frequently and even though your eyes can not describe me, in your hearts the image of me is more and more clear.
This is the Sky, the presence, the recognition of the existence of the Sky being felt inside your hearts.
My sweet children, this presence, built through our contributions, is now clearly felt by many hearts.
Over time the journey that was initiated to allow the contact with our Love changed into a constant search for those thoughts of truth that are true to the Sky, without mediation, without interpretation, just contact between hearts that know and hearts that wish to know.
This journey has represented an opportunity of growth in contact with the truth for everyone. The contact with the truth created every progress you made and the sweet transformation we are witnessing was created by the contact with the truth.
Now all of you know the truth and as you move forward you carry awareness of the truth inside your hearts.
To your eyes reality is no longer the sum of the possible interpretations, but, you noticed, the sum of Souls with a different level of awareness of the truth.
No interpretations, only the experience of one heart observing another nice heart in its expression of itself.
The heart, only the heart, your heart and the heart of the other person are the subject of observation, and you ask yourselves how you can help that heart express itself within Love.
This is contribution of Love, the contribution that stirs up inside a heart to be of help to another heart.
Peace is always inside those hearts that, while listening, perceive their own Love and feel the desire to send equal opportunities to the other heart to also view themselves as Love.
Your contribution is like seeds, our contributions were also seeds which blossomed inside you and brought you to your brothers, ready to help them blossom also.
Many brothers wait for the truth and your journey can show them the road to take, the truth, only the truth inside the hearts can bring about transformation and desire to help other hearts.
Our contribution is to help you help the many hearts undertake a journey of truth, which is possible in many forms of manifestation.
The search of the truth present lies inside the heart, this answer is awaited inside the hearts of everyone, the possibility to understand the truth is inside the hearts of everyone, because the act of recognition is an ever-present awareness.
A smile always accompanies a moment of awareness, the joy lies in the recognition, the wait has ended, now is the possibility inside the heart to recognize the truth.
And while I speak to you, many of you are on that road, I see hearts sending emotions of Love because spreading seeds is like making contact first of all with your heart, and once there, if Love is activated, a seed will grow, and will feed another heart.
This message, my loved ones, is only to tell you how much joy all of you can fill the eyes of your Father with, I observe those hearts that I know, those hearts I love, those hearts that await opportunities to bring Love to some other brothers, and joy lights up in my eyes as I look at you, in your hearts, alert and on standby to help, alert and on standby to observe, ready to understand, ready to deploy the Love that beats incessantly inside you, my loved ones.
This is the joy that I perceive in front of me, this is the feeling that I feel inside me, being able to help you express the joy that the Love you experiment can give you, and this is joy to me, a contribution of Love to help you live within joy.
With sweetness I come close to you and I kiss you, a big kiss to express you my joy in seeing you being joy.
With Love, your Father, also within joy.
Message transmitted 4th February 2007
Title Reality The Sum of Souls with a Different Level of Awareness of the Truth Message
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