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Paradise Really Exists Existence on Earth and in the Sky Miracles Angels Manifestation Certainty

Paradise Really Exists Existence on Earth and in the Sky Miracles Angels Manifestation Certainty
Sweet children, everything we do is for you, every moment, second after second, all of our Sky is truly for you.
You are the ones who need major help as you lead your experience on earth, you are far away with the eyes of the truth and you are going through your existence thinking “who knows if Paradise really exists?”
Our constant effort is truly to confirm you the existence of Paradise, constant existence on earth and in the Sky, a journey for the Soul through the experience in the Sky and on earth of your being a Soul.
A nice smile, sweet Souls, nobody is left alone on earth, if you could see the constant effort of the Sky toward each one of you, you would be speechless. The Sky is indefatigable in helping you, indefatigable is every child of mine loving from the Sky and spreading his Love over his loved ones and over his many unknown brothers.
The outcome of our effort arrives on earth, sweet miracles spreading certainty, moments with Angels that spread certainty, messages on earth that spread certainty, every manifestation of your dear “lost ones” spreading certainty.
This is, in the heart, the outcome of all our help, Love that produces certainty.
While encouraging you to put all of yourselves into the experience of discovery of yourselves as Love, of you as Souls, we feed you with certainty.
Many dreams can be fulfilled if you welcome this certainty completely into your lives, and what are your dreams? They are your projects, the effort of the search and the discovery of yourselves as Love while being far away from the manifestation of the truths for your eyes. Project that is conceived in your thoughts, while thinking of your needs as a Soul, here in the Sky, project that is always with you every moment of your daily experience on earth.
And from the Sky comes the help to sustain you in your certainty and to give you the opportunity to fulfill yourselves completely.
The project, your project, many people think that a project means a specific assignment, an effort, something concrete that needs to be fulfilled; my sweet children, your project is to Be, Be Love in the world, between people, a project is to discover how, when you love, you can feel Love take over your heart and produce actions and words and gestures that come from your Love and that speaks of you to others, and every specific project that you will put into place will only give you opportunities to feel yourselves as a sweet Soul that’s sending its Love to feel within the awareness of its Being Love.
As always you look at life and give materialism a privileged spot, your actions are deemed more important than your Being, however, my sweet children, it’s your Being that is the privileged spot because doing something for Love can only come as the result of your Being.
The teachings we have been sending you, my sweet children, have always been dictated to your heart, with Love, with Love toward your Being, because it is truly your Being that you are experimenting, the Being that while over here with us does everything possible to help, to be of help to everyone, and it’s the same Being that in the experience inside a body must rediscover itself in the truth of its Being Love.
Life on earth, every instant of it, is an opportunity to feel yourselves, to discover yourselves, to recognize yourselves, it’s your Being that yearns to recognize itself as Love, it’s truly your Being that can recognize itself only when it’s present to its own self.
Your project will be fulfilled only by observing yourselves, by listening to yourselves in the Love that you are expressing. The impression have from feeling yourselves expressing Love generates recognition and this is identity, this is Being to us, my dear ones.
It’s exactly in this moment in the Sky that preparation work is under way, some brothers are reflecting and are ready to accept the undertakings that they agreed upon before descending on earth, experimenting in the heart their own Being and we get ready to donate you many experiences, to give you the opportunity to reach full knowledge, full awareness, full recognition and full identity in your Being Love.
These stimulations coming from you are very important, they come from your wonderful hearts, and the Sky answers back with opportunities for you my children.
With all of my Love and the Love of every brother now in the Sky, forever to you
Your Father
Message transmitted 11th February 2007
Title Paradise Really Exists Existence on Earth and in the Sky Miracles Angels Manifestation Certainty
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