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Life The Life of Soul Inside a Physical Body Soul on Earth To Experience Itself Rediscovery

Life The Life of Soul Inside a Physical Body Soul on Earth To Experience Itself Rediscovery
My loved children, inside your heart is infinity; inside your heart is the feeling that, while it expresses itself, speaks to all of you about the real origin of your being. Love, you are Love, made of Love, to be an expression of Love.
This process of rediscovery of the Love present in you is a rediscovery achieved over the course of eternity.
Life, I would like to remind everyone, the life of your Soul inside a physical body is only a moment of the infinite experience of rediscovery. Inside the physical body, you exist as a Soul that is on earth to experience itself.
The companions you choose, the jobs, all other brothers you contact and with whom you build relationships, immersed in a reality where other brothers exist in a variety of conditions, they are the stimulus that comes to you for the rediscovery of the great Love that you have always been carrying inside you.
Inside each experience, may it be of joy, of pain, exchange, responsibility, conflict, you see my children, you are simply experimenting yourselves. Shall I welcome, or refuse, or intervene, or put distance, shall I take care of it like a brother, or I may have a selfish attitude, these are the conclusions to which all of you resort to, but to truly turn to a brother as being truly their brother, this is an experience that comes from the heart as a necessity to experiment yourselves as a child in the multitude of children. When each one of you turns to a brother, by activating their Love this brother becomes for that heart a child of your same Father.
This recognition needs a lot of Love.
If you are used to remembering that every member of your community belongs as a brother to the sweet spiritual community to which we all belong, that brother will remain distant anyway, until when as you look at him, you will discern in him the same child of mine as you all are.
It appears that both perceptions could coincide in certain determined moments, but at an emotional level, always of Love, the perception of discovery of the other person is very different if it is a perception of a brother or a child of this same Father.
The perception of a brother always implies a concept of being distant, and the help that you give puts lights into a concept of autonomy from you. You help to allow them autonomy from you, from needing your own help.
In the concept of perception of the other person as a child of your same Father is where unity is expressed; as a child, your help to a brother, looks at unity and this unity is to accompany each other.
Sweetly you notice the feeling that you feel for all other people that are next to you.
While reflecting, you hear the words I just mentioned, defining these relationships from the inside. How many brothers? How many children of my same father?
And while noticing my children, you grow. Your Love questions itself, and it notices, its expression is concentrating on your Love that answers to many people as brothers, but to a few people as children, concentrated, as children of your same Father.
Yes, well, many characters can help you feel more easily as my children or as brothers, however, as I expressed earlier, the rediscovery of your Love, truly constant, is expressing itself to you by noticing that between brother and child lies the different expression of the Love inside you.
As a child toward another child there is constant attention to the welfare of the other, attention to sharing every moment for the welfare of the other, attention to consoling and helping for the welfare of the other. And this constant attention is an expression of Love as you recognize yourselves in he other person as a child of the Father of all of you.
And this reflection brings evolution in the experience that you are living. On earth just like in the Sky, the research, the rediscovery of your Love will see passages in your seeing, in your feeling, in your perceiving the other person, ever more in the truth. Important moments in the reflection that brings Love to express itself more and more. These are the moments of opening of the heart that bring to feel more and more deeply the Love that is expressed inside you and you notice the sensation of possibility that many brothers may be perceived by you as children of the Father and you notice in your affection a desire for experience between children.
When you touch, you are touching your expanding Love, this moment is expression of growth, your expansion becomes knowledge of the Love that you carry ever more in its infinity.
Think of the discoveries that are still awaiting you, discoveries of the infinite Love that you carry inside you.
And while I embrace you I want to express to you all my Love, my sweet creatures, what a sweet happiness, being here with you, next to you, listening to your heart as it reflects and seeing the desire for constant evolution being born over and over again, a desire for rediscovery ever more in your being Love, a desire to live this gift of life on earth as a particular opportunity to experiment what you truly are.
Sweetly embraced to you, I kiss you and I send upon you my immense Love to help you rediscover your immense Love
Your Father, always for his creatures
Message transmitted 3rd June 2007
Title Life The Life of Soul Inside a Physical Body Soul on Earth To Experience Itself Rediscovery
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