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Carriers of Love Carriers of Emotion Carriers of Life Love Immense Richness Inside the Heart

Carriers of Love Carriers of Emotion Carriers of Life Love Immense Richness Inside the Heart
Sweet and loved children, you are the bearers of an immense richness, Love, and the Love I donated to you is inside your heart, to be expressed outside you and to be sowed so that from every little seed a plant of Love may grow, available for all your brothers.
Love is what allows your brothers to be able to live in Peace, Love is again what makes the realization of yourselves possible, realizing your projects, it’s Love once again that allows to build Peace forever, Peace inside you.
The heart brims with emotion and expressing your emotion around you is the natural push, when you love your emotion is expressed and it sends contentment throughout you, contentment in feeling your own emotion in all its vitality, emotion is life, Love is life, being Love is vitality. Your emotion allows you to notice yourselves as life, as you love your life is expressed to you. Carriers of emotion, carriers of life.
And here sweetly comes a stimulus, you remember the heart in its expression, an expression of life, in the sweet memories lies the emotion of life, sweet moment of life, but you think back to how many times life expressed itself in the feeling, opportunities for a meeting, opportunities to sweetly transmit the emotion, your daily life is in the expression of your emotions. Expression of you in the feeling is a sweet life, constant expression of the Love you carry inside.
Sweetly you think of a brother and an emotion is expressed in you, sweetly you think of your relationships and emotion is expressed in you, sweetly you think of places you love and an emotion is expressed in you. You all love, you all have brothers you love, you all have little pieces of land that you love, this is where your seeds are, by loving you are sowing Love. What a wonderful impression, to love by sowing Love, this is what happens; by loving you are spreading Love. Life lies in this continuous loving, by sowing Love life can grow around you. Life as an expression of the emotion creates life, it creates expression of the emotion from other people’s hearts. Your sowing Love from your heart creates life inside the heart of others.
At the same time the expression of your emotion sweetly creates life inside you, when you feel yourself as Love you are encouraging your emotion to express itself even more, discovering in the joy the infinity of the Love inside you. This is a source of joy, discovering your feeling in its infinity becomes an experience of joy, the emotion that this sows inside you, and by loving you are sowing not only around but also inside you the possibility to feel yourselves even more as Love.
This life is for you, to put life into your own existence, life that is born from your feeling, life that can be felt when you feel your own emotion, life that is expressed by sowing inside your and around you the feeling your have inside.
This is the experience you are living, placing into your existence the life of the feeling.
Inside your heart is life, life in its great potentiality, being infinite Love. Infinity to be discovered, to be lived, to be discovered by loving.
Your existence in this life could be like a long kiss, an existence at the discovery of the feeling inside you.
With all my Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 30th May 2007
Title Carriers of Love Carriers of Emotion Carriers of Life Love Immense Richness Inside the Heart
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