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The Truth of the Spirit The Truth of Love The Church of Justice The Church of Love Church of Truth

The Truth of the Spirit The Truth of Love The Church of Justice The Church of Love Church of Truth
I come to you with all my Love, I dictate these words with all of my heart, my loved children, from my heart is the desire to leave you a sign of my Love.
May the Love I feel inside my heart and the help from my words dictated from my heart illuminate these hearts that lighten up when they listen to this Father. Since forever my immense feeling of Love for my creatures is the only feeling I have felt, and all my creatures know this, despite the fact that over time many words pronounced by men may have been offered to you as words that were pronounced by me. Confusion, these words have put confusion in the minds of my children, so many incomprehensible events were caused by this confusion, confusion that brought upon wars, separations, injustices, fraud to the brothers. This confusion, for which you now apologize, in addition to wars and injustices, determined a distorted image of me as someone who is governing the minds of all my children who arrived on the planet to experiment themselves. You talk of Love, of God’s Love, but you perpetrate the injustice of a Father who promised the Paradise to a few, you talk of a God of Love, but then you ask him to forgive you the most venial sins, you talk of a God of Love amongst people, but then you lock up your riches inside the Churches, you talk of a God of Love and many of my children are suffering for the selfishness of pastors who only reserve violence for these children of mine. You augment confusion, and you regard the pastor not as an illuminated child, but as if it was me standing in front of your eyes.
With so much confusion, a continuation of confusion in understanding is comprehensible, however in my eyes, which only know Love, this comprehension brings so much pain as to dictate words so that the confusion may stop and cease to exist forever.
These words could be heard from all of my children, coming from these sweet pastors who have donated their lives to me, who have placed themselves at the service of the Father Love whom they know inside their heart, and for all the brothers who are helping. My children, my sweet children, help me with your image to send the truth of what it is to be a child of Love from a sweet Father of Love.
There is so much resistance to let go of the confusion, within power is where confusion was created, not from the God Love that does not represent it, God Love is represented in the power of the Spirit, not in the existing matter. All this power of the material represents power over men, over land, power that squashes and does not elevate, power that takes away in the materiality to give back in the form of a prize, some day, in the Spirit; all this represents what the congress of brothers who dedicated themselves to me has built, but all of this does not belong to me, it does not represent me, it is not my image that you are carrying, but yours, and you interpret power as your pride toward me, when I can not help but notice how you send images that do not belong to me for every one of my children.
I dictated these words with Love because in your heart you have the desire to be ever closer to your Father and to be even more guided in the service, to be the truth for those who listen to you, this is why, my loved ones, I speak for you, clear words to encourage you to take me from your heart and show me to everybody, like I am in the sweet truth.
Why do I exist in your heart as Love, but to your other brothers you show power in the materiality? Isn’t it true that you have renounced the materiality to donate yourselves in a service of Love? May these words help you place truth once again into every moment of your being at the service of the truth of the Spirit, sweetly embrace and bring the truth of the Spirit, this is the real help to your brothers, the truth of the Spirit. And for all those who are seeking the truth, may you be the truth, this way they will sweetly see in front of their eyes your image and my own same image. This is the service toward which you have sweetly steered your life, and this is the most important service that a sweet Soul could do for the other sweet Souls, the truth of the Spirit, so many words concentrated into one brief message ‘the truth of the Spirit’ and these are the words you need to spread, the truth of the Spirit, the truth of Love.
Now let’s begin from the truth, inside your hearts the truth will express itself, and from your hearts words of truth will begin to send out truth to those who will listen to you, and once again the truth of the Spirit should reach the plane and welcome the sweet Souls who are preparing to build in the truth, the Church of justice, of Love, of truth, which is what we thought of when we built it.
I embrace you with all my Love, truth is my Love, truth is my constant presence and, as always, truth is to be a Father of Love. May my light shine upon you, seek the truth, you will always find Love welcoming you.
Your Father
Message sent 28th May 2007
Title The Truth of the Spirit The Truth of Love The Church of Justice The Church of Love Church of Truth
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