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Doubts and certainty of God the Father' Love Body of Spirit Invisibility Infinite Love

Doubts and certainty of God the Father' Love Body of Spirit Invisibility Infinite Love
My dear and loved children, I am with you, no distance, I am with you to talk to you. Such a difference between being able to see me or not! My same heart, my same words and my sweet feeling for all my creatures are always the same, but a lot of fears lie between your being able to see me or not.
You are on earth and my eyes keep vigil over you like a Father with his child, I listen to your prayers and to your hearts like a Father with his child, and if I can I will intervene to help you, to protect you, to put you in the right path to your happiness, like a Father with his child. Parents understand me, the sweet Love I feel in my heart for all of you my children is the same sweet Love that you feel when you love a child with all of your heart. You forgive mistakes, you understand the numerous errors made through inexperience, you console when in pain and you follow within the freedom that you donate, the countless contacts, the experiences your child will have, you forgive the rebellion that precedes the autonomy, you even forgive some transgressions if they served to grow up and understand, you forgive and you love like a good father.
But while you exist in the dimension of earth and you are visible, your Father from the Sky, in his body of Spirit, looks after you with Love but in his cloak of invisibility.
Other parents around you talk about you and see how your eyes express confidence in your love for your child, those eyes talk for you about your Love for your child, the parents of other children observe you and see in the various occasions the passion for your child, this passion to help him grow up to overcome fears and moments of defeat, and to these parents this confirms your great Love for your child.
Your Father who is in the Sky has the same passion for each one of his children, a passion that comes from the heart, from my Love, it’s something that is understandable from every father in the world, but it’s invisible to the eyes of the body of flesh.
Have you ever noticed how in many and various moment your child is actually afraid of you, despite the fact that the Love you feel for your child is a genuine feeling from the heart? This fear is understandable with a mistake, and what the child is afraid of from his heart is a possible violent reaction from you, aggression, punishment, the removal of freedom, consequences, and in the eyes of your children you react with surprise, for how could your child be fearful when from your heart you constantly manifest your sweet Love? Is it that the heart fears the distancing in a moment of error? Is it that the heart fears injustice applied to itself in a moment of injustice? Or maybe the important point is the putting into question your donating Love even in moments of error?
You explain and your eyes continue to transmit Love and this is how tranquility reaches the child, your visible eyes bring sweetness with your affection, understanding, and lastly tranquility inside the heart. This specific experience that your eyes send, this is what my eyes can not send in my invisibility.
To you the eyes are important, to me the eyes are paramount.
I answer inside the heart, I console inside the heart, I sustain inside the heart, I donated freedom to you and I guided you in freedom; I forgive inside the heart and I send Love to your heart. And your feeling always listens to me, always replies back just like a child does as he acquires tranquility, however for everyone the obstacle is the mind that is connected to the eyes, deciding what is the truth and what is not the truth. And you think that what is invisible to your eyes could really transmit the truth to you? This is my biggest obstacle; it affects every relation between a child and me. There are always hearts who listen to the mind and transmit my non-existence; there are many hearts who, even if they do feel, they believe it must be a hallucination, there are many hearts who listen to me, and send me their doubts and anxieties, asking me to manifest myself even if just for a moment; there are many hearts who listen to me and transmit my presence. The percentage? Look around you, what is your impression? Those are your percentages.
However, many of my children transmit my presence, and as I talk with these children I attempt to turns these percentages upside down, I am not doing this for myself since I have always loved you and I will love you forever, I am doing this for you, sweet children, who seek the Love of your Father to find peace, and guidance, and truth, even in what appears to be inexistent to your eyes.
As a Father I commit to sending you my Love through every possible mean, as a Father I would like to be present in every dimension, I am in your heart if you happen to be on earth, in your eyes when you are close to me, even though when you are close to me the Love that surrounds everything and feeds everything in the Sky is evident; however, it’s very important for me to be able to be with you on earth, earth without Love is hell, and I would like to send you all my Love to allow you to apply it to your lives to relearn to see yourselves for who you are, Love on earth, through errors and experiences, experimenting how great your Love is.
It’s time for the goodbyes
My children, the experience my heart is feeling of having sent you words to encourage you to seek me out inside your heart, even right now, is part of my constant help for all of your hearts, if you could see the explosion of joy at every contact with our hearts, all of your doubts would vanish, the certainty of my great Love would accompany your every step, you would feel that if you are going either left or right, your steps are always with your Father.
With all the infinite Love that my heart feeds to your hearts
Your Father
Message transmitted 23rd May 2007
Title Doubts and certainty of God the Father' Love Body of Spirit Invisibility Infinite Love
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