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Peace To Spread Hope for Peace To Spread the Truth Global Peace Meditation Day

Peace To Spread Hope for Peace To Spread the Truth Global Peace Meditation Day
My sweet children, today we have a very important day, today’s initiative with the Global Peace Meditation Day is not only an opportunity for your hearts to invoke peace all united in that feeling, but its most important element is in the unity of the feeling. Today your feeling will meet our feeling and together we will seek to make our shared heart shine as much as possible. In the sensation of unity of feeling, it will be important to know that hope will arise for true Peace between brothers inside everyone’s heart. Every single heart, no exceptions, will realize that fighting between brothers is, for some reason, the outcome of a mental conditioning that non-fighting minds have instigated over the course of time.
Today many of those brothers who have been conditioned will perceive in their hearts that to die in battle, supposedly in the name of ideals, certainly does not mean to die of a death that elevates, but it’s only a death that nobody will ever be able to justify. In their feelings they will see that killing does not elevate at all, and that inside their feelings this wound will never heal. Many of those hearts will discover that the war is a different war, a war of power, of economy, of conquering of resources, this is the real war. Many ideals that correspond to the mental conditioning have been especially created to allow a heart to agree to lie to itself over the danger of the other person and over the need to kill in order to allow the survival of the members of his own group; however, at least for today this terrible veil of falsehood will be shredded to bits and it will allow those hearts to see the truth.
It is difficult to erase mental conditioning through one fleeting contact with the truth, however inside the heart the hope for change will feed the search for the truth.
For today this experiment will give this result, but starting from tomorrow, every one of you, embracing the true reasons behind the all wars, will ceaselessly bring truthful information to all his brothers.
However for today let’s think, because tomorrow your effort will be to allow the eyes of your brothers the contact through their every experience the Peace that allows to coexist in respect and in Love, starting from the heart.
Today we are here, between many hearts, to spread hope for Peace, to spread the truth.
And you, my children, while thinking of the real reasons for the wars, you enable the heart with all brothers to get in contact with the truth.
Let’s begin.
Peace is a great need
Through Peace you can build
Peace allows a dignified existence
Only lies work against Peace
Peace is a commitment
Peace is freedom for everyone
Peace allows an existence for everyone
Peace is to recognize ourselves as being all brothers
Peace is to be with yourself
No manipulation can be in the name of Peace because it is the exact opposite
United, we create Peace
Peace lies within respect
Peace for everyone lies in Love
Let’s repeat these words for your brothers who wait for the truth.
Send Love from the heart, go on, start, your brothers are waiting for the truth, send these words from your heart as if you were embraced to each one of your brothers who think that this bloody war will finally bring Peace, respect, Love to their Country.
Now, all together, let’s repeat from the heart
“You, my brother, I want to help you, listen to me, let’s hold hands, our hands are united, listen to me”
Now let’s repeat the reasons for Peace
Your words, united in the heart to our Love and to our own help, will reach those hearts.
This is our commitment for today.
With Love, your Father
Message sent 20th May 2007
Title Peace To Spread Hope for Peace To Spread the Truth Global Peace Meditation Day
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