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To Change in the World Financial Organization Power Realization Coherence Words Guide

To Change in the World Financial Organization Power Realization Coherence Words Guide
My beloved children, this is the time to share with other people the voice of your heart, it’s time to express your feelings to other people, time to encourage others to express their own feelings; if the heart is experiencing a feeling, then that is the time to share it with others.
My sweet children, I am encouraging you to put your heart into communication with other hearts, this is important for all of you in order to change the situation in your world.
If there is violence, it’s because you do not talk of Love
If there is abuse, it’s because you do not talk of Love
If there is aggression, it’s because you do not talk of Love
If there is also violence of a heart against another heart, it’s because you do not talk of Love.
You agree with me that every society was created to build cohesion between brothers, exchange and serenity amongst all its members, this will turn into economy if at the base of it there is no feeling of Love as a gelling agent between all members.
In a short amount of time, without this precious gelling agent, this change, these people will assume power over other people, justifying the power over others as a necessary thing, as a better transformation to allow a better financial organization, and here lies the difference between the brothers who will justify different wages and different treatments and from here the impression of having to conquer power and more money to allow themselves the serenity, and in order to conquer this power it will be necessary to take advantage of other brothers and maybe even fight in order to gain power. Once the power is obtained, you will need to gain even more power to maintain your current status and you will obtain this by taking advantage of even more brothers, and placing even more distance between your position and that of your brothers. Over time this power will give you happiness for what you have conquered, and your realization will come from the power and the money you gained. Unfortunately, at the same time, the aridity you feel in your heart will have brought you to relationships based on an exchange of finances and power between your close family members; on the outside you build your life of relationships in the same way. What a shame, your life of relationships, which had the opportunity to be your source of wealth, is non-existent; what a shame, affectionate relationships with all brothers you had met, they could have been your privilege but are inexistent to you; what a shame, those brothers who, through their work, allowed you to emerge and recognize your ability, your intelligence, your resilience and had admiration in their eyes, which is a priceless treasure, now look at you as an enemy or as an exploiter, what a shame it is to lose this treasure, the admiration, the recognition, and you lost this too.
My children, does the need for power come from the heart?
Only if it’s power for everyone
Certainly, if it’s serenity for everyone.
Yes, but only if it’s wealth for everyone.
What comes from the heart through your feelings is for everyone.
Is it sufficient to talk about Love to put your whole world to right?
To talk and to be Love through your actions, this is the answer.
This is because coherence has been the best example, the best guide for those who seek to express themselves in their being a heart.
Coherence in the words of the heart and in the translation of these words of the heart into actions.
And on the subject of injustices, can a heart, motivated by Love, send a message of non-Love? Sometimes you think that way, it’s a good discussion, can a content of non-Love be justified if it’s done for Love? I will answer you as I answer every other child of mine: if it’s Love, the content of Love will always be expressed, if it’s Love, Love will always speak, if the content will be of non-Love, Love will never be born from there. Over time you will understand that coherence means translating the feeling of Love into facts, while words could always carry gestures of non-Love inside. Words alone are not sufficient to transmit the authenticity of the feeling of the heart, think back to the many occasions where you were the subject of words that later on proved to be empty in the feeling, in those words there was an impression of Love, but it’s in the real being, in the coherent behavior, that the words of that feeling find their expression.
Why doubt the feeling? It’s because not everyone has embraced Love with their heart, the feeling, the guide as an expression of your own being and for you, coherence is the best guide to understand that heart.
Let’s go back now to the beginning of today’s message, you embraced the dream of being able to impersonate the complete expression of your feeling, you feel creatures of Love and you embraced this new ‘being’ of yours, and you want this ‘being’ to be the guide for your actions, because you understood that Love is exactly what you had decided to experiment when you returned on earth, this is hard, the entire Sky knows it, and our help is entirely to you, every moment, coherently. I want to encourage you to continue in the expression of Love that you are, my children, you are expression of Love upon earth and the Sky. It’s precisely this expression of Love that can transform earth, for this reason I will remind you “Talk, talk of Love and always be coherently Love”.
I send you encouragement at all times, I always tell you “Be Love”, every moment I am with you, Love conjoined with your Love, at all times the entire Sky is next to you.
Talk and be coherently Love, and very quickly your brothers will understand the treasure that it is to be like you, for them to be Love.
I say goodbye with an immense kiss
With all of my heart, I am inside you
Your Father
Message transmitted 16th May 2007
Title To Change in the World Financial Organization Power Realization Coherence Words Guide
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