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Feeling To Talk about the Feeling To Express the Feeling Communicate the Feeling Message of Love

Feeling To Talk about the Feeling To Express the Feeling Communicate the Feeling Message of Love
My sweet and loved children, your heart shines with Love, our heart shines with Love and everything shines with Love.
What do you think? Isn’t this happiness? Constant Love shining inside the heart, constant Love shining around you, and inside you a sensation of Love within unity. This is the source of happiness, shining with Love, being surrounded by Love.
If you think about happiness, isn’t’ this what you would describe as a profound feeling of happiness?
To achieve this happiness you need for many hearts to love and to send their own Love, a Love that actively involves other hearts, encouraging them to express their great Love of which they are also carriers.
Why did I say “actively”?
In your hearts there are many, many emotions, I see many of you experimenting them, but leaving locked up inside. It’s very hard for other people to notice the beautiful emotions that you could feel inside your heart if you don’t make a point of communicating them. If there is no transmission of effort reaching out for the other person’s heart to send them the joy you are experiencing, then your beautiful thoughts will remain the usual beautiful thoughts felt by another heart.
Why this silence?
You don’t believe the situation is appropriate to talk about the feeling of joy? Do you believe that brother may resent hearing about emotions of joy? Maybe that brother may send contrary thoughts when hearing about your wonderful feeling of joy? Do you think it may be interesting for you but less interesting for the other person to listen to you while you express a feeling of joy?
There are many of you locked up in this large cage of silence, why?
Has it become prohibited to talk about a feeling? Is talking about feelings become the latest subject of ridicule? Is it now an expression of the past to express your own feeling? Ask yourselves this, why am I not ready to express my feeling of joy, of Love, when this is what I am feeling inside my heart?
With me you will notice that, when faced with your brothers, your difficulties are born out of a habit of an approach that involves only the mind and not the heart. Your dialogues must be interesting, they must involve your audience intelligently to communicate to the other person the impression of your own intelligence, they have to leave with an impression of you as a person who is capable, competent, driven, encouraging in the expression of both yourselves and in front of power, and encouraging in front of new possibilities of increasing financial gain. You bring this image to your brothers, competence in life to conquer attention and credibility about your ability to be a leader and to conquer abundant financial wealth.
And this is where the difficulty starts in regaining a contact with any brother, but a contact with feeling.
Over time many of you have manifested your “being yourselves” not only in your competence but also in your feelings that you have inside, and the result is thus to send the impression of yourselves as “truly being”, being a heart in contact with other hearts, inside a life where materialism has its importance in guiding perceptions.
Over time many of you, when faced with painful moments, chose as a priority to enter as a heart into contact with the other person, and many difficulties were overcome because that heart, in its expression, found that another heart was listening to it.
Why is it that the heart, with its great possibility to express itself at all times, must wait in silence through pain, waiting for other people to express themselves as a heart?
Do you believe that through your suffering you can activate the heart of another person?
Why do you believe that the heart of another person may not be able to listen to you amidst great pain just as much as amidst the greatest joy?
Is that heart not interested in joy? Why is that heart not interested in your happiness? Do you believe that those hearts are only activated by pain? Why do you believe all this?
Joy, hope, Love, they all send to every heart the possibility of also being the joy, the hope, the love, and the heart thus mobilized will seek for itself the joy, the hope in its existence and the expression of the Love to return to you and send you what he felt inside his heart, and to thank you for the contribution that your joy, your hope and your Love made to him.
Joy is what you should talk about amongst yourselves; hope, you should be talking to each other of donated Love, this will activate those hearts who already have consideration of you, as a brain, as initiative, and who recognize your ability, and you will see how the brothers through your example will immediately reap this invitation from your heart to always be a heart in the world.
When shall you start? Immediately. Take the feeling you have inside your heart and bring it to the outside, bring to the outside world the impression achieved by your happiness, by your hope and your awareness of yourselves as Love, and, after all, you have always felt my own encouragement; why wait for the day when you father can encourage you to choose to act? Because the impression of being the only heart to consider expressing itself in freedom is the result of the silence of many many hearts when expressing their own feelings to other brothers.
And I will conclude my message with these words “Always think of yourselves as an identical heart in the affection to another heart; your heart resides in the feelings you experience, you will find the same necessity inside the other person’s heart; identical feelings, hearts, all hearts that strive for the same happiness of expression of themselves.
With immense Love
Your Father, expression of Love
Message transmitted 13 May 2007
Title Feeling To Talk about the Feeling To Express the Feeling Communicate the Feeling Message of Love
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