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Coincidences Telepathic Contact Worries Wishes Urgency Awareness Hearts Within Unity

Coincidences Telepathic Contact Worries Wishes Urgency Awareness Hearts Within Unity
My adored, my loved children, I turn with my heart and look to your heart, for the help that I plan on giving you today.
All this time we talked about Love, constant Love, which is, expressed from the heart, the journey of growth that you are undertaking on earth and over the course of time you discovered life as an opportunity to carry the feeling, Love, from your hearts to those of other people, and by realizing that Love needs to be sweetly experimented in the activation of the heart, you allowed your brothers to experience your Love. This activation of your Love made an experience possible for other people, so they can experiment in turn inside their own hearts, with their own Love.
While receiving my help, you discovered that your activation of Love involves the entire Sky in its unity and you discovered that next to what your heart sends out, your Father and the Sky in their unity are also next to you, and at the same time they enrich your own Love with the strength of all of our Love.
You feel as if you are single individuals, however you register our presence next to you, you feel as if you are alone but the Sky moves with you within Love, you feel separated but you discovered that we operate in unity.
Alone, but instantly united in the heart, a unity, from the moment you activate Love.
Like other individual people, you also register at the same time all of the activations of Love that come from the effect from your brothers. You think of yourselves as alone and then discover that in the truth you are actually elements of the very same unity.
Today, my loved ones, I shall explain what happens when, as you realize that you are an element of a unity, you believe that the edges of the body represent only an illusion. Over the course of time, every time a person you loved sweetly called you, they called you not with words but with the heart, in the feeling, you all registered in different and important occasions, “an urgency to get in touch with them”, you could recall so many coincidences and so many callings you answered by means of getting in contact with them, phone calls, letters, messages, to discover the urgency of that call. This is an experience that everyone has had. Why is it?
Is it the result of a telepathic contact? Your worries? Your wishes? The urgency is the important element that you felt and the urgency is a clear signal of a great need for help and it comes from the heart and the feeling of need was sent to you through that bond, that thread that unites the hearts within unity.
This example you experimented is to make you aware that in the unity there is no single individual but particles in constant contact. This is what I want to explain to you, to make you even more aware that you are an element in that unity. Only by overcoming the illusion of the body as a finite thing, limited in its confines and contacts, will you be able to open the heart to the infinity of the existing contacts, and with added awareness your intervention will reach the widest horizons that the activation of Love can reach.
Many times in the past I taught you that you are all united to the Sky and that you are all united between you, brothers, as an expression of unity and Sky and earth as an expression of unity. And this unity is the word Love, the feeling of Love, in common. It’s in the feeling of Love that unity can be found.
Today as individuals you think about yourselves, but in truth every individual is a part, a particle, of the same Love unity.
When you activate the feeling of Love inside you, you may not necessarily provide specific help, like we don’t help that brother in his individuality, but you do activate, through our unity, the transmission of the feeling of Love to the entire unity. The feeling then reaches the entire unity thus creating a shift inside the entire unity. A particle that communicates energy of Love to the entire unity. In this sending, registered by the entire unity, the individual heart opens up to the possibility of activation of additional Love. And this is the overall result of every single activation of Love.
Imagine a great heart representing all of us, in its every cell there is possibility of activation, a little cell experiments Love and from the little cell this great Love takes leverage from this activation to express itself; and now another cell is experimenting and another little cell, having received this possibility, lights up and activates itself in its Love.
This is the concept of universe: just like that heart, we are in truth, individual awareness of being part of the same heart, but being a part of that heart within the truth. Think of yourselves in the awareness of being heart, the boundaries within the truth are the entire heart, it’s an illusion for the particle to believe it is limited, that particle is part of the unity of love and a heart in and out of itself.
Think of yourselves within the truth and think about how important it is for the heart of that particle to feel like a heart that shines with every single activation of Love.
With happiness the possibility of being the entire hearts shines on the very heart, with a unique explosion of a feeling of Love.
This is the process of awareness to which the entire heart leans toward, and in the awareness, be aware that in order for everything to shine it’s necessary to activate every single particle.
The help I gave you over this long time allowed this great heart to shine with increasing intensity and the help I will give you will always be to allow this great heart to shine in everybody’s happiness.
I am hugging you inside this great heart, children you are all linked to us, hugged forever my loved children, particles of this great heart.
Your father who sends you happiness.
Message transmitted 9th May 2007
Title Coincidences Telepathic Contact Worries Wishes Urgency Awareness Hearts Within Unity
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