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The Voice of the Father Paradise Descending To Elevate your Soul to Unity Activation of the Heart

The Voice of the Father Paradise Descending To Elevate your Soul to Unity Activation of the Heart
I come to you, with my heart renewed in the feeling of Love, I just need to look at you, my creatures, and my heart explodes with Love, a feeling that suddenly stirs inside me, looking, looking inside your heart and the feeling explodes, here come my sweet creatures waiting for my intervention, my help, the feeling that I experience and that I send to them, what a joy it is to look at you, the heart waits for my words.
You are resplendent light, sweetly waiting “the voice of the Father speaking to me” and in this sweet waiting, the Paradise is no longer seen as a far away place, but present in this sweet moment next to each one of you, and here comes the Paradise, descending between you, to elevate your Soul to unity.
This is the concept I want to explain to you today.
Just like when Paradise was created by the present and aware strength, assuming unity in the different shapes while expressing differentiation between the attributes of awareness, so it is also in your creation: you represent a part of the whole awareness and an independent feature of it, a movement, you are movement of the whole awareness. You carry whole awareness that is expressed through movement. Movement of the heart.
You are aware that ovement of the heart means activation of your feeling, Love beats inside all of your hearts, but activation allows for the expression outside of yourselves of what was activated inside you, internally. This is movement that involves the entire existing strength.
My children, Loving means activating the entire aware strength. No part of it is separated from the whole strength that is aware of its unity, and every movement, every single activation of Love from the heart is reflected on the whole strength in all of its strength of unity. Can an act of Love from an individual activate so much? Certainly, if you imagine strength as a body in its unity, you will understand why what happens in every single cell is important for the entire organism.
Health and sickness have inside what happens inside each cell; Love can bring health, and non-Love can bring sickness.
This is the strength, health or sickness, which depends from Love manifesting itself in every single cell. If perhaps in this Paradise there is more of an opportunity to express Love in the awareness of this visible unity, in the body, my dear ones, you will be able to perceive the unity in the recognition that what moves inside you is the same that is present and that moves in the other person, and by other person I am not limiting myself by indicating the other as your brother, but the entire universe that activates around you and, as a universe, it activates within Love.
You bring action and you register reaction. Actions of Love bring reaction of Love. Actions of Love involve everything around you and bring reactions of Love to everything: if it comes from you, it’s from you to everywhere; if it originates from another person, it’s also from that brother to everything, equally. Everything answers in the unity and every single cell determines the reactions within everything. Can Love carry in every single gesture reactions in the everything? Certainly, just like in the human body every cell transmits information and produces reactions in that body, in the same way Love involves the everything, in every single activation, defining a reaction.
May you be aware, my children, that every activation of Love always carries a reaction in the everything, in the unity; if you add up the activation inside you with that of your brothers, you will understand the reason why the everything, in its unity, has a specific reaction. You just need to Love while being aware that everything reacts by activating Love to understand this unity, this reaction within unity.
May you be aware, just like individual cells are, that what you register is the answer to the activation of the heart and the Love of your brothers and of the activated universe, and just like every single, cell may you be aware of what you activate in return, toward others and toward the entire universe.
The activation of Love allows to activate Love in its unity.
May you be aware that this is what the activation is aimed at.
I say goodbye and hug you, my sweet treasures, may you always be aware of what the activation creates.
Your father, with all of His heart
Message transmitted 6th May 2007
Title The Voice of the Father Paradise Descending To Elevate your Soul to Unity Activation of the Heart
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