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Light of Love Beams of Light Shining all the Time Interaction Between our Spirits Message

Light of Love Beams of Light Shining all the Time Interaction Between our Spirits Message
My loved ones, my dear loved ones, my loved children, I come with my heart to speak to you and help you regain awareness of your sweet Spirit, which resides inside the heart, the light of Love is inside the heart, your Spirit is inside the heart. I know that Love does not have a body, but everything permeates, every cell of your body is drenched in Love, you know and your whole body expresses Love, while you Love the light you emanate is the result of every single cell being drenched with Love, especially the heart, as the center of your emotions, which sends Love to each cell inside you.
Rather than a body, think of yourselves as a light of Love that expresses itself thanks to the feeling that you activate inside you.
This is the closest vision of what you truly are, my children, beams of light shining all the time.
When I look at you I don’t look at your body, I look at your being light, the expression of your heart that sends light when Love is activated.
This is the impression I get when I look at you, sweet stars that shine of your own light; when you register the impression that your Father gets when He watches you as you shine like a star, what do you feel inside your heart?
Brightness, or bland brightness?
The answer corresponds to your judgment.
Why do you not concentrate on the heart and truly listen, as I see you do in this precise moment?
You feel warmth as you concentrate on your heart, this warmth is you as you express yourselves with Love right now toward the Father, who is dictating these words for you; your brilliance right now corresponds to the warmth, you are illuminated, completely illuminated as you listen to me and right now your Love has activated to turn to me, to welcome me inside you, this is a moment of growth because whenever you activate your Love it will always be a moment of growth.
Full awareness inside the heart that each moment your Love is activated corresponds to a moment of your growth. You grow in awareness every moment you activate your Love because you can experiment yourselves exactly by listening to your own activation.
Love can not experiment itself just in the activation.
Every time you activate Love your heart will register an impression of warmth and this warmth will remind you of the light that you are emanating from the heart and from every cell toward your Father.
I welcome this light as the progress of growth and it’s exactly this light that tells me about you, about how aware you are of the Love you express. And through this observation I send you my help to your heart, to help you feel how much warmth you are emanating while you light up. Happiness in the warmth, surprise in the warmth, and much joy as you feel the intense warmth and satisfaction – this is the answer that is born within you at the contact with the perceived warmth when you register my own love.
This is our constant interaction, an event, you mobilize your Love by expanding light from every single cell, the light shines all the way to your Father who lets you perceive the warmth and you register satisfaction.
This is a constant between us. This movement of light that we exchange is constant between us. You are Spirit, your Father is Spirit, and this is the interaction between our Spirits. My sweet children, do you still see yourselves as being far away from me? Between our Spirits there is a constant contact, this is the meaning of our contact: the Love that unites us within Love.
Once I told you “Where there is Love there will always be your Father”, and now finally you understand my words in detail.
Now my sweet and loved children you understand why I told you I am at your side in so many past messages, this is the truth, next to you, in the Love, to help you gain increasing consciousness of our unity.
This lesson is ending, but the words that I wisper to your heart every time your light shines remain: “My child, his Love, his light, the Love in me, yes, we are united, the child with his Father, united in the great Love”.
And I sweetly say goodbye my children, I feel such tenderness as I look at you with my eyes, you are splendid and illuminated flowers.
With all of my Love.
Your Father
Message sent 2nd May 2007
Title Light of Love Beams of Light Shining all the Time Interaction Between our Spirits Message
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