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Spirit Life as a Spirit Inside a Body Evolution of the Spirit Experience of Incarnation

Spirit Life as a Spirit Inside a Body Evolution of the Spirit Experience of Incarnation
My sweet and loved children, I come to you to help you establish, through your heart, an increasingly accurate listening of the emotions I send you constantly, to help you face your life experience as a Spirit inside a body, evolution of your Spirit during the experience of incarnation.
If you believe that life brings evolution in and out of itself you are mistaken, in the sense that it brings evolution with age, it brings you constant contact with other brothers, it brings problems, experiences, but all of this does not bring evolution. What life does bring you are opportunities that can promote evolution if, as you mobilize your love, you turn possibilities into opportunities for growth, into experiences for the heart to be able to express itself and the feelings of Love it has; experiences as opportunities if, starting from Love and only Love, you will want to express to yourselves and to others as much as possible.
Evolution therefore means starting to mobilize your being a Spirit from the heart in every situation, your having been Love since forever, your future of achieved Love. This difference in you either starting from Love or from listening to the byproduct of the minds is what determines the possibility for growth, for evolution.
Listening to your heart in all of its glorious beauty stimulates you to continue to learn more about the feeling of Love that you all carry inside your heart, fully aware that it’s you who wants growth and evolution, and in this context you will grasp every event, every possibility to express, to know as much as possible the great Love of which you are all carriers.
On the other side there are brothers for whom life is survival, it’s a battle, it’s uncertainty on what you are, on where you are going, on the meaning of existence, on the reason for life itself. In these hearts there is no awareness of the Spirit that animates you and gave life as an opportunity to evolve, and the feeling is not a feeling, it’s a manifestation in itself as opposed of a manifestation of your being spirit. Manifestation in itself, it is felt, but like with hunger, it’s a manifestation of a need, a need more physical than spiritual. In front of your eyes these brothers confuse sexuality with Love because they recognize the need for Love in the physical need. In front of their eyes is the body and its pressing need to be satisfied, but if the body can be satisfied in its need, in order for your Love to be satisfied it needs Love, Love from the other person or at least from your own Love.
Many brothers know that in their unawareness Love needs Love even in a sexual context so that it can turn into an experience of peace, of contentment, of joy, of satisfaction and awareness that is reached especially when Love and sexuality are kept separate.
If you listen to your heart as you experience a feeling you notice something is missing, a lack of a feeling that often leaves you predisposed to searching for what brought about the relationship that lead to that rapport, in the awareness that the rapport did not bring nourishment and did not meet the need.
If this can push someone to seek a meeting that will bring satisfaction to its need, he will not feel satisfaction unless and until Love is experimented in the new situation.
Often brothers mistakenly assume that this void in the feeling is related to this or that person, but the repetition of the loss of feeling means that this feeling is not being expressed, and this void lies actually in the absence of the feeling of Love, a lack of satisfaction.
Void, this very feeling is what, more than any other feeling, tells us that Love exists but it was not requited. And it’s the feeling of loss, in every occasion in which it could be felt, that gives us indication of action in the absence of Love.
As in every possible experience, whether you mobilize Love or not, this enriches with reciprocal satisfaction the two hearts, satisfaction in the hearts that express themselves as they mobilize themselves, satisfaction, what the heart feels is satisfaction, because it can feel it and can once again place Love at the center of life, not as a result of the physical body but more as the spiritual experience of existence.
And as today we explained to you that satisfaction is the feeling that can be found in the heart, so this is your task - to feel inside your heart so you can register either satisfaction, or a void, according how your day unfolds.
You register satisfaction, you register a loss, this is the sign that communicates to you how you allowed your heart to express, or whether you have denied it.
The need to express yourselves, you will notice, will be the more intense the more satisfaction you will experience your feelings, and the growth will start precisely from this recognition, from the feeling of satisfaction inside your heart, and this recognition will bring to the realization of the constant need for satisfaction that in reality is growth and evolution.
I explained, now it’s over to you for the experience.
I embrace you with all my Love
Your Father and the Virgin Mary who helped me from the heart to transmit to our Sara, among the noise and confusion.
Message sent 29th April 2007
Title Spirit Life as a Spirit Inside a Body Evolution of the Spirit Experience of Incarnation
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