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The Presence of God the Father Inside the Heart Experiment Listening of the Heart Guide to Existence

The Presence of God the Father Inside the Heart Experiment Listening of the Heart Guide to Existence
My loved children let’s continue to make contact with the presence of your Father inside the heart of every one of you loved ones.
The experiment continues to put you in the condition to let the listening of your heart become the guide to your existence.
You are making progress and the emotions I am sending to all of you are becoming more clearly distinguishable from your own emotions because, instead of leading, the emotions that I send you are suggestions on how to lead your existence in the name of Love.
This is why I am helping you listen to the emotions you feel inside your heart because within Love comes evolution, and evolution is exactly your sweet assignment in the experience that you are doing on earth.
Let’s continue by starting as always to put peace inside your eyes and inside your thoughts by turning your attention exclusively to listening to your emotions that you are about to feel inside your heart.
Let’s continue by making an example.
Are you all inside your heart?
Let’s say for example that you see a crying baby. Next to him are two nervous parents. In your heart you register unease for the child who is suffering and you register unease for the parents who are expressing tension.
Your mind would instantly find guilt in one of the parents, or in the child, and you would express a judgment on this or that person, in an attempt to position yourselves in the face of the unease that you are feeling strongly inside your heart. That unease that leads to labeling guilt would turn into disappointment or anger and in the end you would continue to walk in your path and repeat “it is this person’s fault, or the other person’s fault”; did anything change? Your impression changed, you expressed judgment to resolve your unease, you changed your emotions inside, but in reality that child is still crying and his parents are still very nervous.
Your unheeded heart registered first of all unease, and then your judgment. Did this very human behavior bring evolution to you? Maybe to the child, or the parents?
No, you just missed an opportunity for growth.
How could this opportunity for growth have been used as an occasion for development, for evolution?
Let’s start from the heart that feels the unease.
Soon after you feel the unease you register a need for an explanation for it.
You concentrate on your heart and you begin to feel the status of the child’s cry and of the nervousness. Your emotions are reporting a specific pain, the crying child expresses pain, or is it pain caused by the nervousness of his parents?
Inside you the unease turns into pain, what kind of pain? Here is the child crying, why is he crying?
You notice the emotion being sent inside the heart, maybe it’s tiredness, or conflict, or maybe is a cry for support from a heart who is sometimes abandoned by the affection of other people, or maybe it is a state of unrequited need that caused the tears? And this is how you understood from within your heart the true reason for the crying.
As you understood the reason for the crying you registered a shift in your feelings inside your heart. From pain to understanding.
You notice the byproduct of this understanding inside your heart.
Now you register a feeling of understanding and from this understanding comes a feeling of compassion and a desire to give affection in order to stop the heart from crying.
In that very moment you are your entire heart, and as you get closer you pick up the desire to love you feel inside your heart, and in that very moment you experience yourselves as a Spirit nourished by Love, and in that very precise moment you are growing.
You notice the desire to use compassion and in this meeting this is exactly what you will be sending in the shapes that come spontaneously from your heart, it’s the feeling that finds the most accurate way to express itself, this is why you will spontaneously send your emotion in its right shape.
You are changing because your feeling is immediately welcomed on the spot by that heart, and the crying turns into listening to what you are communicating, and in that moment the emotion morphs also inside the crying heart as it connects with a heart that is communicating to it and wants to help, and within an emotion comes compassion and understanding and that heart is ready to talk and express its own questions, coming from the heart toward the mind and the same interaction will involve the mind but it will do so as a reflection of the two hearts in contact with one another.
The solution will finally come through the heart and will produce a permanent change especially as a result of this experience of contact between hearts with specific emotions.
And this is the experience that only through listening to your hearts will become a moment of growth and this conquered evolution will await the next time to express itself again to you.
Everything is so difficult when you face events using your mind, it is so difficult to understand the real reasons why a person cries, inside the heart there is simplicity and real opportunity for growth and understanding of the truth and this is your heart, precious for life.
And while I embrace you I notice that you begin to live the real life when your need for growth is recognized inside your heart.
With all of my Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 25th April 2007
Title The Presence of God the Father Inside the Heart Experiment Listening of the Heart Guide to Existence
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