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Guide to Recognition at the Answer of God the Father Instilled into Hearts Listening to the Heart

Guide to Recognition at the Answer of God the Father Instilled into Hearts Listening to the Heart
My dear and loved children, I am with you once again today to help you feel me inside your hearts, reflected in the emotions you sweetly feel when I send you my Love through your heart to help you.
In this experiment I am inside every heart with the intention to make you feel, experiment different emotions, the answers are recorded as a guide to your recognition for those times during the course of your existence, as you call me from your heart, when you have the intention to feel the answer of your Father instilled into you.
Do you recall the last experiment you took inside your heart? The mind was quiet because your attention was specifically on the heart; when recording the answer from the emotions to the various stimuli, the attention was on listening to your Father’s heart. As I said many times, accepting that there is manifestation through your emotions places your heart at the center of listening as opposed to your mind, so full of projects and fears and need for guidance. The true listening, the real orientation, my dear ones, lies in the listening of the heart, in feeling the emotions that manifest inside you in answer to events, or maybe it’s our direct help, which is always available….
Place silence inside your eyes, place silence in your mind, and now turn all of your attention to what you are about to feel in just a moment, an emotion inside your heart.
My dear ones there are a few moments in your lives when a situation suddenly takes place and this surprise leads you to mostly listen to your mind, trying to place some order in the events that might have brought about the sudden situation. Inside the mind, the data tries to organize itself and the knowledge, prejudices and judgments are superimposed to your attention by pushing you to do something to be able to deal with the new and sudden situation.
But the situation is inside your heart. Let’s listen to the emotion.
First of all there is your fear of change, what just happened will necessarily cause a change and it will not only be a change limited to you but also a change in relation with some other brother.
In your heart you register the desire that this change will bring for a better solution for the relationship.
You also register an additional desire that the new change will truly make the existing relationship better.
You register the smile coming from the heart in anticipation of the change. But how can the change bring the realization of that smile inside your heart?
Now let’s ask your heart.
Are there circumstances for talking from your heart directly to the heart of the other person, how can it request the change?
Do you notice a feeling of sadness, or of hope?
If you notice sadness it means that from inside your heart you have the impression that no change will ever happen unless you establish a direct contact with the heart first. You can achieve this by simply reaching out as a heart that desires a contact with the heart of the other person.
For you this will be the starting point to promote change, reaching out as pure desire of your heart to meet the heart of the other person.
The tone in which you communicate will be the same tone of a heart wishing to be truly in contact with the other heart.
Let’s continue listening to your heart.
You made the decision to reach out as a heart and the other heart will be listening to it.
All of a sudden the mind answers “What shall I communicate?” - go back right away to focusing on your heart.
The unease, the worry you feel, is it justified?
Let’s begin from this worry. First of all your communication will need to pertain to your worry, on how much this is justified or not, because sometimes finding yourselves in front of a sudden event makes you overreact at the events that may take place as a consequence, but often they are hypothetical events, as opposed to possible and real ones.
And as you express your worry you bring that element of truth to the event that can allow you the correct evaluation of the event itself.
You now feel that your worry is justified because of the very event that just took place.
Does this have any implications for the future or for the present?
Listen to the heart.
It if affects the present then this change will have to be contextualized to the moment of resolution.
If time is necessary, then the immediate solution will be only a small step toward a more extensive change over time.
You communicate to that heart the need for a repeated change or for a change that will take place slowly, albeit appropriately, in the sense of its evolution.
In the immediate change that brother will react by giving justifications for it or by taking responsibility.
You feel the heart, if you meet justifications instead of responsibility, answer back by talking specifically about responsibility.
If the heart will talk of responsibility, talk about the commitment to be taken up immediately.
If the change requires a more extended timeline, every step will have to take place with the responsibility and corresponding commitment.
And now you faced from the heart the new event that suddenly presented itself in your existence.
The solution inside the heart will be aimed at a real change that will affect the other heart and the sweet smile your heart desired in the moment of facing the sudden event will be able to manifest inside your heart because real change comes when it’s the heart that decides to make a responsible change and commitment.
What I taught you today needs to be taught to everybody: only the change inside the heart is real change, in the mind thoughts come and go all the time, and over time, if the heart is not involved, events can take place periodically, in the mind there can be mountains of justifications, but it’s inside the heart that you can find responsibility and commitment and stable changes.
With all of my Love my loved children
Your Father
Message transmitted 22nd April 2007
Title Guide to Recognition at the Answer of God the Father Instilled into Hearts Listening to the Heart
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