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How does God the Father Presence Manifest Itself in Hearts Words Emotions Experience of Contact

How does God the Father Presence Manifest Itself in Hearts Words Emotions Experience of Contact
My loved and sweetest children, I am in the heart to help you, I am very close to all of you, to help you all the time.
The sweet presence you feel in your heart is your Father, I told you already that the contact between us takes place in the heart. If you pay attention to your heart you will find me there, always sending you words that may be of help to you at all times.
You bring your attention to your heart, you listen to me because I am dictating these words to you, but what do you feel inside your heart right now? A luminous shape of a man? I don’t think so; a song or a cry? I don’t think so either; do you discern my words? Some of you do discern them, but I believe that the majority of people do not discern the words spoken; so, how does my presence manifest itself then? To the sweet sound of what I am dictating corresponds a feeling of sweetness that you are experiencing at the heart level; my presence in the heart is therefore confirmed by feeling this emotion of sweetness when you listen to me.
To a very specific stimulation corresponds an emotion that you can discern in your heart. The contact has taken place the moment you register the sweetness in your heart. Our contact always takes place at the level of emotions. I continue my discussion to give you the opportunity to recognize in your hearts the sweetness and the contact that took place in your heart between you and me, your Father.
Once the contact has been acknowledged, we continue to make even more contact with the emotions that I send to your heart, to recognize the constant presence of your Father inside you.
To some of my children I bring contentment with my encouragement to continue to work on themselves to grow even more; you register a shift in your emotion inside your heart, you notice how the feeling you are experiencing is looking at the future, you notice how a sweet encouragement is reflected at the level of emotions, as a luminous emotion that starts from the past to the present and looks gloriously toward the future. This is what you feel when I encourage your heart to continue with faith looking at your tomorrow.
To some of my children I bring hope, this sweet hope that lifts you up and surrounds you; you notice in your heart the emotion of surrender, it’s as if you were relaxed with your entire heart, this emotion is the translation of the feeling you experience when I send you hope.
To some of my children I bring contact to feel me deeply inside their emotions; notice the emotion you are feeling, emotion of sweet anticipation, emotion of happiness within the same anticipation; you register this emotion, this is what happens when I send you my presence within the contact.
And let’s continue with your experience when each one of you listens to me inside your heart.
For some of my children at times I take the liberty of suggesting that they wait, my advice becomes a feeling of firm patience, awaiting, the emotion of firmness you are experiencing while you wait when I suggest you hold on before making a decision, this is my advice in the contact, and the emotion is translating my advice into firmness.
For some of my children sometimes I suggest to walk away and open up to reflection, do you notice a feeling of sadness, of abandonment as a feeling inside your hearts? My advice to take some distance translates into a feeling of abandonment of the other person; you register the emotions in response to my advice.
And then many times I express my happiness to my children, concentrate on the emotion that you feel, isn’t’ there more flavor in the emotion that you are feeling? My happiness translates into an emotion that comes across as brilliant, as an explosion of glitter, this is how my message of happiness translates to you.
I will leave you for today to experiment with these emotions, so you can register them carefully, to help you recognize them instantly when I send you a message from my heart.
You will notice that your mind never spoke throughout this, only your heart existed, listening to your heart, and that’s where you found me.
A kiss with much much Love, can you feel it? The emotion of a smile that comes from the heart, this is what happens when I kiss you
Your Father for all of you
Message transmitted 18th April 2007
Title How does God the Father Presence Manifest Itself in Hearts Words Emotions Experience of Contact
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