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To Welcome Life as an Opportunity for Growth Experimentation of your Spirit Message from God

To Welcome Life as an Opportunity for Growth Experimentation of your Spirit Message from God
My loved children, I sweetly speak to you, I understand life on earth and all of its difficulties, but I understand that my help can profoundly change how you perceive your life from within your heart.
Over the course of time I taught you to look at your existence through the eyes of the Spirit, letting go of many concepts of life that were instilled on you when you grew up, starting with your parents, then your teachers and than the brothers you met in your life.
On earth, this materiality always affects your concept of life, ignoring the Spirit in favour of anything that exists that is material. And the body all of the sudden becomes the vehicle for your status of success, not only from the aspect of pleasantness to look at, but also of power. You accumulate possessions, of many of these possessions you enjoyed the search for the famous happiness as you were looking for them, you look at other people for what they own and all of you want to have far more than it is necessary to allow you the experience of love.
Priority is your body … then possession, then …. then ….. then …… and finally come your feelings, in their infinite possibility to give you the meaning to your life that you all seek right from the moment you were born on earth.
Many of you have worked hard to welcome life, as I have always explained to you, as an opportunity for growth, possibility of experimentation first of all of your own heart, of the many feelings that constantly rise up from the Love of which your are built. Welcoming existence as an opportunity for the Spirit to make itself known through all of its manifestations, required a lot of time, many moments of reflection and constant listening to your heart.
Now my loved ones you notice that the Spirit itself is the very meaning of true research inside your existence on earth. The same Spirit that, once you leave your physical body, will return in this Sky collecting as a Spirit experience from every manifestation of your Love.
In substance, life is only the experimentation of your Spirit.
What you have done in all this time is a very important step, a step toward true happiness that will also await you in the Sky, a complex step because you remained in contact for all this time with the same materiality that envelopes all of you, however right now if you ask yourselves “Who am I?”, the automatic answer that comes to you is that you conceive yourselves firstly as a Spirit.
Over the course of time you discovered where you come from and where you are going and why incarnation into a physical body is so important in the condition where all brothers are experimenting themselves with the same need for growth, with the same difficulties when faced with a reality that first of all presents materiality.
Research is the growth that is present in all of you, however often the greatest difficulty is not the searching, it’s the abandoning of the many apparent truths that many people send you.
Leaving the herd is the most difficult step for many people, because it creates instability. Insecurity, having no idea where you research will leade you, you feel far away from everyone, from the people around you and who insist in proposing to you apparent truths and who propose life as a moment that has no meaning unless in the existence right here and now and in the past, and in the uncertainty of the existence of the future.
However, many of you do leave the herd and the various herdsmen who explain to you that the herd is security, and you go, insecure but happy to other fields looking for truth.
Why? Ask yourselves why. Courage? Certaintly. Research? Certaintly. Knowledge? Certaintly, but it’s your sweet Spirit that pushes you to research, to have courage, to knowledge; it’s you, in the Spirit that animates you, that feels the great need for your growth. It’s the Spirit that makes you feel happy within your insecurity, happy in the search, happy in your freedom to search truths for be then in the truth for your and for all.
I witness the problems you encounter, I register your successes and some failures, but your Spirit always pushes to continue the search, and over time you understand the reasons behind failures and the renewed Love inside you pushes you to continue on and then comes the moment, the full recognition of your being Spirit and in one second the research becomes the life, becomes experience, becomes truth of existing every day, in every situation. That moment is wonderful, when research becomes your Being, you are a Spirit, you live as a Spirit, you communicate as a Spirit and all of your existence turns into a constant experience of yourselves as a Spirit.
And the great occasion that is life as an opportunity for development of your being a Spirit fulfills itself completely.
And all of the courage you needed and the insecurity you felt become sweet memories of a moment in which you accepted the push toward growth coming from your Spirit; sweet memories because you now conquered complete security and looking back at your past you area, aware that the time you spent searching was not so unpleasant after all, when considering the answers you later found. And the Spirit knows all of this and it’s for this reason that it pushes you to seek, even through insecurity and the hesitant steps at the beginning of your journey.
If you knew the joy that all of us now live once were are here in the truth, witnessing your first steps, your understandable insecurities, the search that brings you in contact with a thousand roads that join in the absolute truth.
And this herd that keeps losing more and more lambs will become a group of Spirits who are aware of the truth and the sweet transformation will become more and more like reality.
Every lamb can do this, participate to the transformation within the truth.
And then all of my children will understand their sweet nature and as a Father this will be truly Paradise for me.
I feel an immense joy, my sweet lambs, sweet and loved children, every time I notice that you heed your Spirit and seek the truth. It’s my Paradise that is coming closer to you thanks to you, and the joy that we send through my sweet children is for your Spirit so that you can listen inside your heart to this need for research and to heed your Spirit.
And it will be more and more Paradise, both in the Sky and on earth.
An immense joy reflects on the planet earth right now, may my joy sustain the Spirit of all of you in your search.
With immense Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 14th April 2007
Title To Welcome Life as an Opportunity for Growth Experimentation of your Spirit Message from God
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