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Transforming Possibilities into Growth Activating Love as a Feeling to Guide you in your Journey

Transforming Possibilities into Growth Activating Love as a Feeling to Guide you in your Journey
My sweet creatures I am happy to be once again with you, close to you, for this reason I am happy in my heart.
To embrace you, before I even begin to speak to you, is the desire of my heart, embrace you and console you and send you my sweet presence to you.
Today you are experiencing so many difficulties, they leave your heart bitter, this is why I want to send you my sweetness to you first, to give your heart the presence of my great and constant Love for each one of my loved creatures.
I know, you ask for a resolution of conflicts, circumstances where you can express your Love with serenity, freedom from the many problems that surround you, and health, but all of these problems that surround you are solvable starting from your own Love. They are particular conditions that created themselves, for you, for your growth, for your brothers and for their own growth.
Over time I taught you that opportunities mean transforming possibilities into growth, and you on earth have many possibilities that can not present themselves here in the Sky.
Conflict, in the Sky there is no conflict.
Illness, in the Sky there is no illness.
Competition, there is no competition in the Sky.
Conditions to survive, there is no survival mode in the Sky.
And affirming Love, this is certainly not a problem in the Sky.
Only earth can offer these conditions to you because while you are all far away from me, you have great difficulty in thinking of yourselves as Love, and growing within Love and activating this Love as a feeling to guide you in your journey.
Those events become opportunities if you mobilize Love, Love guides you as you face them. This is growth and any of you who mobilize your own feeling will grow, with this feeling you will spread Love around you and understanding and assistance, and all else that Love will bring you to do.
Over the course of time you will feel joy at seeing the solution, the joy of having built the solution, the joy of having contributed with your own Love to the solution and joy in the recognition of how much Love is mobilized inside you.
These experiences are growth, a treasure for your Soul, a further step that you no longer have to take because your discovery has been conquered.
In life you often worry about having access to materiality as a security, as a possibility to solve many problems, thanks to your means you seek the stability that only Love can give you. So much time to give you security when in the heart you already have security; so much time to allow yourselves to open up when this possibility is already inside your heart; so much time to allow yourselves to express freely when this possibility has always been and will always be inside your heart; and so much research for happiness when it’s always been inside your heart.
Possibility, mobilizing Love, this is the discovery; possibility, mobilizing your Love, this is the great security; possibility, mobilizing your Love, this is happiness.
You are full of examples of how much serenity can be experienced regardless of material possessions; examples of conquered happiness even through limited material means and so much joy and contentment in feeling a heart that Loves, first and foremost.
And the journey toward real happiness always and only goes through your heart; illness, loss, conflict, search for something, everything is different when you mobilize Love, it’s different in the feeling that drives it, it’s different in the feelings that are exchanged, the experience itself is different, the present and even the memories.
I know, some of you who do not put Love in the first place feel oppressed and I promise you my help, but it’s only through the heart that I can help you and sweetly guide you, until your own Love will sweetly guide you and I will accompany you in every situation to allow you the experience of your own heart and experience of growth and of satisfaction in the discovery of how much Love you are able to mobilize in my presence.
My creatures, as a Father I am present every moment, as a Father however I am in the heart to help you and what I can help you with is reclaim your Love that you hid in a confined little place, to free it up and capture the experience of happiness that only Love can allow you to experience.
And I will end this message with something different than words, I will cover you with my joy, may it be as an example of what a liberated heart that can express itself freely is capable of doing, despite what my eyes see every moment on your earth.
Happiness is therefore to love you, happiness is to express my great Love and all my creatures who listen to me as I speak, happiness is helping you to place your Love, to understand that happiness means to Love.
And I return to the beginning, happiness is to be embraced to you, my loved and sweet creatures who are growing today and my heart is showering you with Love, once again today, because happiness means to Love.
With all of my great Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 11th April 2007
Title Transforming Possibilities into Growth Activating Love as a Feeling to Guide you in your Journey
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