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Resurrection to Life Resurrection to Authentic Life Resurrection to Life of the Spirit

Resurrection to Life Resurrection to Authentic Life Resurrection to Life of the Spirit
I am with you with joy, my always loved sons and my always loved daughters, in the triumph of Love that arises today from earth, with my happiness I want to dedicate today’s message to you.
High up, your hearts today contemplate the resurrection of my child, and in his eyes and in his heart my resurrected child allows you to feel your own resurrection in this Sky. My child opened up for you the doors of the Sky and from that moment on the doors are always open for all of you children. With enormous happiness today my son remembers those moments of pain as a sacrifice for all of you children, with his death he taught you that Love never fades, not even with pain; with his death he taught you that the compassion that comes from Love understands even during the greatest of pain; with his death he taught you that believing in Love despite great suffering creates comfort in the very depth of the heart.
This is what he taught you with his death.
Resurrection to life, this is what he taught you with his experience of resurrection.
Death is in the body but not in your Spirit; resurrection to authentic life, to life of the Spirit expressesing through itself the sweet transformation that takes place when it is freed from the body; the Spirit expresses itself in its completeness, the Spirit is Love. Being Spirit is contentment, it’s joy.
Transformation is to free the Spirit that gently expands and expresses itself completely in freedom.
And with his resurrection to life he also taught you this: once you leave your physical body, the Spirit expands and expresses completely the content of Love it carries inside.
And the Spirit is experience of itself, it’s authentic recognition of itself, it’s opportunity to notice the true nature with which you were created, it’s Love that expresses itself, that talks about you, what you are, what you have been and what you will be for eternity, pure Spirit, Love expressing Love.
And while you express joy in your hearts remembering the resurrection to life of this one loved child, remind yourselves to also be a Spirit, Love in the experience on earth that expresses its being Love; remind yourselves that the Spirit is eternal and remind yourselves that the sweet transformation will also await you in the moment of the death of your physical body.
So much joy when noticing your concentration on being Spirit in this day today, constant concentration that I invite you to continue all the time, on earth you constantly carry your Spirit in contact with other people in every single occasion, you are aware of your sweet reality of being a Spirit, and the many opportunities where you recognize yourselves in the movement of your Spirit give you an opportunity to recognize your own nature and to the eyes of the Spirit, resurrection is already in this recognition.
There are many children who are aware and have already resurrected if they are inside the physical body, and there is a lot of movement in your brothers who are reawakening and re-embracing more and more knowingly the Spirit as their true identity.
Over time the signs of your re-awakening become more and more visible and many sweet changes await you, but go ahead and help with Love to re-awaken, thus paving your own re-awakening road for everybody else.
While wishing you a sweet Easter day, I hug you to my heart my loved one's
Your Father, with much Love
Message transmitted 8th April 2007
Title Resurrection to Life Resurrection to Authentic Life Resurrection to Life of the Spirit
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