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Growth as a Priority in Your Existence Love as Opportunities for Growth Message

Growth as a Priority in Your Existence Love as Opportunities for Growth Message
My sweet children, sweet Souls welcoming the Father who has arrived to help them, may today’s discussion help you even more to express the Universe of Love that you always carry inside your heart.
If you remember my message from last Sunday, what I told you the exact moment when I performed your creation “Sweet Soul the Universe is inside you, may your light shine in carrying the Universe of Love that I donated to you”, do you remember the emotion that you felt inside your heart when you read my words? This is because remembering always stirs emotions and this emotion as you recognized yourselves in that precise moment carries the great joy of knowing that you belong to your Father as a child, as his sweet creature.
Now the feeling you felt has gone and inside your heart you now have a new desire to be able to recapture completely the Universe of Love that resides inside you.
And as always here comes my help.
Let’s talk again a few moments about the Sky, about how you all are once you reach Home, the emotion of being able to admire the sweet landscape; the emotion of being able to feel inside the body of light the Souls you loved on earth; the great emotion of my embrace and that of the Saints near you as Souls also created by your Father and the great emotion of those brothers who were helped and are waiting for you to say hello, and watching your life just passed as an opportunity to express your Love and your feelings in the first place when reviewing all the past events and the opportunities you utilized to have grown today as you recognize yourselves. This emotion brings you toward your like minded brothers to experiment first of all your feelings, and you are predisposed to experiment in your continued growth and for every difficulty you will experience you are predisposed to mobilize your entire Love that is inside you to help, to protect, to encourage solutions for those brothers who, as you notice, are still on earth and are overwhelmed by the many difficulties that come from earth, from the complete unawareness of several and important brothers.
So you begin from the Sky to fully re-evaluate the importance of the feeling, the importance of facing life here in the Sky, as a constant opportunity for growth, as an opportunity to express to yourselves the Universe of Love that is inside you.
All this is certainly not wrong, in the Sky this is the norm, but to you, who are listening, I would like to help you to start from your life already on earth to engage your constant feeling to guide you, to place your Universe at the center of your discovery, to place your growth as a priority in your existence.
Sweetly put your hand on your heart, feel the beating of your heart, you are existing in this moment, every beat places you at the center of your life, yes, because this is your life, every feeling that you can experience is inside the beating that you can feel, every opportunity lies in every beat you can hear, every growth lies in the beat you can hear, it’s the heart at the center of yourselves and yourselves are at the center of your heart. Listen to each individual beat, every emotion has a sound, happiness - and the beat expands, hope - and the beat expands, possibility to experience sweet feelings - and the beat expands, possibility of realization - and the beat expands. Your Universe of Love responds through the sound of the beat of your heart.
This experiment brings you to concentrate with attention on the beating of your heart to discover that the Universe within you responds through your beat.
But can it be interpreted?
The Universe inside you grows when you express your feelings more and more, accepting opportunities for growth as a possibility to experiment yourselves in your growth and accepting possibility of intervention with your focus on the expansion of your beat and as opportunity to access more and more a beat thus expanded just like your heart can do freely.
So, this experiment can teach you to be more and more aware of how the Universe of Love inside you responds at all times, moment by moment, to your growth, in the sound you hear lays the sweet progress in your growth.
May you be in contact with the sound of the beating of your heart moment by moment, opportunity by opportunity, meeting after meeting, and most importantly emotion after emotion.
Well done my loved ones, your heart in your hands, your attention on the beat of your heart, your attention on the Universe of Love inside you.
My loved ones, now move on, you are heart, you are only your heart, this is how the existence on earth can be lived, as a heart focused on the Universe of Love that responds to you at all times.
Even outside, at work, among people, the Universe of Love responds incessantly, you are a heart that incessantly responds as a heart.
And now take advantage of the existence on earth to notice even from this level, of what you always are, the Universe of Love that responds to yourselves.
With all of the Love that I am feeling for you, I sweetly embrace you
Your Father
Message transmitted 4th April 2007
Title Growth as a Priority in Your Existence Love as Opportunities for Growth Message
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