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The Universe of Love you Carry Inside your Hearts To Get Inside Your Heart Purity of the Love

The Universe of Love you Carry Inside your Hearts To Get Inside Your Heart Purity of the Love
My sweet children, I finally returned, to speak to you again and again about the Love inside every child’s heart.
Your Love is great, boundless, much larger than you think, much larger than you realize, much larger than what you feel in your heart.
The recognition of the Love conquered is what you experienced, however inside the heart there is much more Love that is yearning to be discovered by you.
In the heart there is the Universe, in the meaning of the utmost expression of all the Love donated to you. Every one of my children knows that the Universe is inside them, but every one of my children conquers that Universe through maturity.
Opportunities, there are many opportunities that properly handled can lead to growth and recognition of the Universe inside you.
You spend time in the material life, you spend time in the life here in the Sky, there are opportunities everywhere for growth and for recognition of the Universe inside you.
And let’s continue, it’s through your recognition that you open the doors of the Universe toward you.
Opportunities, they are possibilities that have been transformed into opportunities for growth and for discovery of the Universe you carry inside.
Opportunity is a possibility that has been transformed in order to discover the Universe of Love you carry inside your hearts.
Opportunities are events in which you feel yourselves inside your heart and the heart of other brothers.
Above all, opportunity is being Love.
Billions of events take place and a sweet child of mine will grow by turning those events into opportunities.
Every child of mine knows how to position their hearts and how to be their own Love at all times; every child of mine knows inside their heart that collecting growth means placing themselves inside their hearts and mobilizing the Love during the event.
This is the possibility of transformation that you carry inside the heart, transformation of an event into an opportunity for growth.
Is there a need for me to tell you how to get inside your heart?
If you think of the heart, of the sweet feelings that you feel, this is your heart.
The purity of a child that looks at you and smiles, you are in your heart when you mobilize Love; the tendency to help in purity when the heart of the other person is unhappy, this is what you are when you mobilize the Love inside your heart;
The joy of welcoming another Soul in purity to walk together, this is what you are when you are your own Love inside your heart; the sweetness, the help, the advice, your actions that transmit in purity the necessary help for that heart, this is also what you are when you activate the Universe inside the heart.
Purity is spontaneity of the Love that, once activated, goes to a sweet Soul who turned to you asking for help.
Opportunities among brothers, mobilizing your Love from your heart, they are all possibilities of a meeting, while being aware that you are all hearts busy in the material quest of recognizing your own Universe inside your heart.
Opportunity means to help at every level, it’s accepting the Universe that you carry everywhere with you.
Opportunity is to participate to the growth of one of my children, discovering that growth is also in your Universe.
Growth is never only inside the other person, because growth means mostly activating the Universe inside you.
And it’s only through your growth that you are the promoters of growth in the Universe of the hearts of your brothers.
If you are growing while helping others, this growth will bring an opportunity for new growth as a natural consequence, and new growth will bring a new opportunity of growth again as a natural consequence, and while you grow you expand the Universe inside you, and when other people will be in contact with your heart they will also experience the conquered Love and will also begin to convert possibilities into opportunities, the very same sweet opportunities that you turned into opportunities to make contact and expand the Universe inside their own heart.
What a sweet prospective, to become promoters of growth of other hearts while tending to your own growth. What a nice prospective, watching the growth as it happens in front of your eyes while you are tending to your own growth.
What a thrilling prospective it is to have the Universe unfolding before your eyes, a Universe without limits, Universe of Love that only wants to express itself.
Faced with the many concepts of life, discovering the Universe inside you is the most representative of them all, the concept of life of a Soul, this is the sweet concept that I sent you the moment you came into this world, as soon as I donated to you this spark of Love, when I created you, when I welcomed you in my arms and I told you “Wonderful Soul, shine of an endless light, there is a Universe of Love inside you, accept it and be the light that I donated to you”.
This is what I told you in that moment, and this is what you are learning to express, to be the light that I donated to you.
My children, carry this memory in your heart, my children, activate this memory everyday to guide you, my children, mobilize the Love, conquer the reality of the dream that you all carry inside your heart.
With my heart full of affection for every one of my sweet and beautiful little Souls, I hug you with all of my Love.
Think back of that time and make good on your promise inside your heart.
Your father
Message transmitted 1st April 2007
Title The Universe of Love you Carry Inside your Hearts To Get Inside Your Heart Purity of the Love
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