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Love Song Active Observation and Recognition Meaning of Observation for the Sky

Love Song Active Observation and Recognition Meaning of Observation for the Sky
My sweet children, a Love song is what I sing all the time when I observe one of my children being in the Love with all of himself. I observe his heart, that little light I donated to you shining and spreading around a wonderful colour, the light, the colors, the intensity correspond to how much Love that heart is feeling in that precise moment and a greater intensity corresponds to a need to express yourselves to others to cover them with Love.
And I sing for that sweet Soul placing all of his heart, all of his shining Love, into the contact with the other Soul. And now the entire Sky shines on the notes of my song, my happiness for that child who is expressing himself in his feeling, shines on the Sky and on all the sweet Souls that are here next to me. Your sweet brothers are observing you and are rejoicing together with you, on earth my dear ones it is possible to express yourselves just as you do over here, bit if our Sky knows joy, earth can see always more moments of joy.
That brother is now a star on earth, and the brother receiving his Love is now illuminating and shining, and consequently he is returning the feeling from his heart in complete sweetness.
Every time you feel a great need to express your Love, I sing from happiness.
And your eyes, your hearing, they can not hear, they can not see, but the Sky is completely illuminated with happiness.
I often tell you that we observe you, but I would like to explain this concept to give you a more real idea of the observation that we do.
To us, observing means being immobile, still, observing, therefore noticing, the communication that is arriving, analizing that situation that is presenting, in all of its aspects, because then the observation will turn into a choice and into behaviour. The eyes reflected on that event, on that brother, within the immobility that distinguishes our observation of you.
We also observe that heart in that specific moment, but we talk, we wisper, we send Love and the feeling necessary to activate that heart more and more and our intervention triggers greater activation and we send even more sweet Love and sweet advice and opportunities until that heart is activated to the fullest and is able to express itself completely.
Of course inside the heart there is a huge variety of feelings, recogniting yourselves in the feelings always allows you to have more and more access to the immense quantity of Love that is the in equal amounts for everyone. The recognition allows you to expand yourselves more and more, activating in your heart more and more Love and this allows you to increasingly turn to yourselves as carriers of that Love so great, which you are just beginning to notice you possess in the first place.
This is what observation means to us, activating all of your available Love because it is being recognized, in order to donate it completely to the other brother.
It is therefore an active observation to enable you within your recognition to feel just how much beats inside your heart and give you encouragement to discover how much more can beat inside your heart.
We do this all the time to help you because to recognize means to take on behaviours toward yourselves and toward other brothers that reflect more and more your being Love and more and more the nature of the Spirit within the truth that you all are.
In order for every contact to change with our help and turn into a moment of growth and recognition it is necessary to place your heart at the center of your feeling. The sweet words you express contain your heart, the attitude, the thoughts contain your heart, everything, my dear ones, that you are about to express is kept inside your heart, the individual word is contained inside your heart.
Therefore attention must be paid on what you are expressing from your heart, it’s only with this attention that recognition can take lace with regard to your growth.
We observe you with our eyes, with our actions we observe you while you express yourselves completely, with our heart we register your every progress, with our heart we register the joy of being next to you and of having helped you and many stars begin to shine and while shining they give happiness to all of us.
This, my dear ones, is the great happiness your Father feels when, as he observes you, you then turn into stars, this is your realization that my song brings with it and from the heart you also sing from happiness for your Love that is manifesting to you with increased intensity.
With Love
Your Father who is singing of happiness
Message transmitted 28th March 2007
Title Love Song Active Observation and Recognition Meaning of Observation for the Sky
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