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Expression Feeling Attitude Contact Message Communication Expression of the Heart Body and Soul

Expression Feeling Attitude Contact Message Communication Expression of the Heat Body and Soul
My sweet and precious children, I am with you, always with you, my light, my Love is always upon you and if these words were enough to tell you about the Love that I feel for you children, this message would be concluded already. The many words I dictated always have this message inside, my children I love you and my light and the great Love that I feel for you at all times is always upon you.
Now some words to explain why you came upon earth, and I will continue to explain to you that your project of growth resides inside your heart, and now I will answer your questions about the Sky, about the events on earth and the many many questions from you, but at the end of it all the message is the same, I love you my sweet children.
In order to explain things to you I use concepts, examples, observations, but it’s only my great Love that I use every time we contact each other.
Listen inside your heart, in your mind details of truth, everything is done for you, to help you, all you need is my physical presence, to finally put complete belief in you, is the physical manifestation the only way to put complete belief in you?
Does the impression of a brother in his physical being put complete belief about what he has in his heart?
Is the impression of a brother in his physical being perhaps a guarantee of his great Love for us?
Is the impression of a brother in his physical being a guarantee of the transmission of truth?
I know that all of you think that a brother, in the way he looks, can only bring himself, no security, no guarantees, but touching him is nonetheless a security of the truth of his existence.
This is the contact, my dear ones, of you as a physical body and of the other person as a physical body, can you think of Love with a certain amount of physical being? Can you think of joy as an experience that has a body? Can you think of any sweet feeling as a physical being?
It’s impossible, you can not do it, of course those bodies can express in their actions what their heart is feeling at that moment, but the feeling of the heart can not be transmitted through its physical being.
The feeling needs to be expressed. The attitude is expression, a contact is expression, a message is expression, every communication is expression. The expression of the feeling of that heart is through the messages, my dear ones, you all use your heart. I say, in the message lies the expression of my feeling, you listen to it and the feeling can reach you through the many emotions that you feel inside your heart. My knowledge of my feeling goes from listening to the many emotions that come to live inside you, the heart is what is at the center of everything, the emotions transmitted and the emotions felt right inside each one of all of you.
My loved ones, this is the knowledge of the emotions sent and the knowledge through the emotions felt.
Knowledge, this is knowledge. And do you still think that a body can send this knowledge?
So, my dear ones, all right, it would be perfect if my knowledge carried also a physical body, but you, my loved ones, would you attribute the feeling to the body or to me? You are all bodies, but is your being a feeling inside your heart or inside your body?
Your being a feeling does not reside in the body but in the Soul, and your Soul certainlty does not answer to a concept of physical being like your bodies do, however you are still a Soul, a sweet Soul present inside a physical body and when the Soul recognizes itself it happens through the feeling as opposed to physicity. The recognition of yourselves as Souls is the achieved project, the project that all of you loved ones are undertaking lies in its recognition and this recognition of yourselves as a feeling, as a Spirit, is what allows your growth. It’s therefore only the feeling in its every manifestation that is important for you my children, created to be Love, in any of the feeling through which it can be transmitted, in every place and in every time.
Can my appearing to you make it easier to understand yourselves as being a Soul? I don’t think so, rather, you would have the impression that only a certain physicity will dictate, or not, the existence of a feeling and of a heart. And as a result your recognition as a Soul would not happen and on the contrary of what you believe, it’s manifestation in a physical body would work against you because it could never help you feel yourselves as a Soul in contact with other Souls in an experience that involves you in a material way.
And with this contribution of Love that I dictated to you, I will leave you to reflect a moment.
In the heart you have listened to me and while listening your knowledge of me increased and this is the truth and it is reality.
Knowledge inside your heart of a Father who welcomes every one of your desires as long as they are for the benefit of all, otherwise he follows you at your side and is always ready to give you explanations from the heart to help you.
And Love has this characteristic, first of all, thinking feeling and doing everything from the heart that is of help to loved ones.
And my sweet children, if you only knew how much Love I feel in my heart for each one of my children, it’s immense, much much larger than your concept of the greatest and thinkable expression of Love is, and as always the mere separation, concluding my message, brings me to look forward to the next opportunity, my next intervention so I will be able to be with you again, united in the heart, finally united with my children.
A great and strong hug, my thought, my heart always accompany you my loved ones.
Your Father
Message transmitted 25th March 2007
Title Expression Feeling Attitude Contact Message Communication Expression of the Heart Body and Soul
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