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Knowledge of the Sky Those with Knowledge Have to Impart it to Help Fear and Love from the Sky

Knowledge of the Sky Those with Knowledge Have to Impart it to Help Fear and Love from the Sky
My sweetest and loved children, if while growing up you notice that many people among you have difficulties in accepting the light and Love, look at them, take them by the hand and guide them toward the knowledge.
There are many children of mine who are afraid that there may be something coming at them from the Sky that is not Love; but you, who have matured knowledge, you can always understand and transform their many fears of what may come from the Sky and into what comes to you from the many interpretations of the Sky.
This is because those hearts lack knowledge.
So many impressions come from old stories you hear, from your movies, from your translators of the messages from the Sky, and you just need one element of fear to instantly adhere to the great fear of what is unknown.
Reality, this is reality, your fears are reality for you, and the various interpretations bring several elements of fear to what was said or learned from others.
The impression is always the same, the impression of having fear, it does not change even in present times when you are all in contact with this Sky through the countless brothers who pour upon you the same words from the Sky, because we always talk about Love in the many messages sent to you in many countries, we talk of Love, only of Love.
My loved ones, your important intervention is very important, those with knowledge have to impart it to help those hearts open up gradually to the knowledge that we send incessantly in order to help you.
Lead those hearts by the hand and allow them to experience knowledge and help from the earth to the Sky.
This message is to invite you to share knowledge as help to your other brothers and my loved children.
Allow Love to come from your heart and reach others as a sign of what you are and what your other brothers are also, even though they are not aware of it.
You don’t need the mountains of words that you know to explain this, to help in the knowledge, what’s important is your attitude. You are aware of being Love, go ahead and transmute this achieved knowledge into an attitude. Very often this is all you need to open up hearts, the knowledge of the expression of your Love has a truly important reflection on those who listen, on those you meet, on those who ask for help, on those who have been living in fear for a long time and are waiting for an opportunity to free their hearts from this fear.
Always fears, more than in the heart, these fears reside in the mind, so often you think of reaction from the Sky from every conflict, for every misunderstanding that brought aggression, either toward a brother or toward us.
So many times you conquer a position of revenge toward events that happen in life. And then many times loneliness leads people to renegue this life that I donated to them. So, so many countless times life brought you painful experiences without the apparent opportunity to be helped and over the course of time you only met with what you believe to be bad luck.
These are the impressions that keep your fears alive and the many answers ended up unheeded.
Take these hearts by the hand and help them with Love, with knowledge, if you can explain the reason for the events, you can help them live these events knowingly as opportunities to experiment yourselves in the various conditions. Including events that have been overcome as opportunities where you changed in your heart by growing and appreciating life, not so much in it’s materialistic elements but in the growth of your own spiritual values, in the feeling, in Love.
Growing within Love is your project and growth in the experience while on earth comes from transmuting into an opportunity every event that is presented to all of you.
This growth in your feelings is the true meaning of being on earth and the embraced feeling changes into recognition of what you are, today and forever
A big kiss my children
Your Father
Message transmitted 21th March 2007
Title Knowledge of the Sky Those with Knowledge Have to Impart it to Help Fear and Love from the Sky
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