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Opportunities for Growth Evolution Means Realization Opportunities Inside the Planned Project

Opportunities for Growth Evolution Means Realization Opportunities Inside the Planned Project
My sweetest and loved children, in my last message I talked to you about events. Today I would like to place in front of your eyes what we send you as opportunities for growth.
All events can become opportunities for growth and you are the ones, in your knowledge, that turn these event into growth of your Being Love; an illness, a new job, even while you are on the bus or in an encounter during a trip, they all become opportunities to experiment yourselves in the affection that you carry inside your heart. In those moments you transform these possibilities to express to the full the sweet affection in your Being Love.
These opportunities see our presence to encourage you, sustain you, substitute pain with hope in your heart, suspicion into openness, knowledge into an opportunity to express what you are in your heart.
And as you listen to yourselves you feel happiness in this possibility, as well as the possibility to express yourselves fully.
However we also send opportunities to achieve the desired project that you had planned while in our Sky for your arrival on earth.
We always plan opportunities requested by you inside the planned project. Opportunities, sweet opportunities, to allow Love to be expressed almost always from a level of evolution that is superior once you reach your growth.
Evolution in this Sky means realization and for this reason while you are on earth you seek opportunities that will bring you to your growth and help you achieve a much more elevated spirituality than what all of you know in your Spirit as in the Sky.
You planned these opportunities specifically to grow, and in these moments your growth looks at aspects of unconditional Love.
This is why you may come across some situations with a degree of frequency. They told you that a coincidence means to notice an intervention from the Sky and coincidence is exactly in the meaning of meeting people, but today you manifest more the desire for a coincidence to help you find your way between emotions and doubts, to guide you so that you will not make any more mistakes, especially in the realm of affection.
These are wishes and not coincidences, and the awaited sign that you are looking for is often created by your minds, rather than by the event in itself. Then you build answers that reflect your wish starting from our help that you asked from our Sky.
What is the difference between a coincidence sent to help you as a moment for your growth, and a coincidence that was created in its meaning by your own mind?
The emotion that you feel in the heart is in its meaning as an opportunity for growth from that moment on, and it’s an emotion that looks at the future, the realization of yourselves that pertains to the future starting from now; a realization that involves the affection in its aspect of unconditional Love.
Realization is not in the meaning of wishes that demand something in order to be satisfied, but it’s realization toward others, all others who have a need for growth, for pending realization of themselves; a realization toward others who are growing and above all realization toward others who are not growing.
A coincidence has this in its meaning, an invitation to take ownership, to take charge of the many problems that exist today and that tend to not go away.
This concept of an invitation is what comes to you from the Sky, and this is the opportunity to experiment yourselves in your heart in the sweet realization of yourselves as brothers who are activating their sweet Being more and more, they sweetly gain experience of how much their Being is able to love unconditionally.
I will say goodbye for today my children and let’s hope that the next messages that I will send you to help you will allow your very important desire to grow more and more to be fulfilled.
I hug you and I kiss you with much Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 18th March 2007
Title Opportunities for Growth Evolution Means Realization Opportunities Inside the Planned Project
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